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Let’s Play Tropic 4: XI

Monday, September 25th, 2017

March ’54

Progress is slow, but the second cannery is done. A new dock has been started, to allow for more traffic, the previous one just won’t be able to support the amount of incoming and outgoing cargo that we anticipate. Housing is lagging behind a bit, but hopefully we can get the the contracts on the new apartment blocks facilitated… just might have to grease some palms or relax some safety regulations. I mean really, a nice apartment is surely going to be safer than some rickety shack so it’ll be an improvement overall.


December ’54

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve spent a huge amount to bring electricity to the dock front. Primarily this was to enable flash freezing of the coffee, however surely AC in the apartments will make all of the workers happy!

March ’55

I need some cake and circuses or whatever the phrase is. One of our residents has started a protest because she was bored. I mean, there’s plenty of work to do, and we’re currently operating at a deficit after spending way too much to bring electricity to the apartment complexes. I guess we’ll have to build some sort of entertainment for the locals. I wish they would just work all the time when they weren’t sleeping.

August ’55

It’s taken nearly five months, but we’ve finally gotten paid for the latest Coffee export, at $37k we’re not only back in the back, but primed to build some primo entertainment facilities to keep my populace mollified.

November ’55

And we’re broke again, I really need to reign in my spending, but there’s so much we need. A Childhood Museum to entertain and enlighten, a Casino (rush built) to bring in a little more money, and a Clinic and Church. The sad truth is that month to month we have to operate at a deficit, though the frequent shipments more than make up for it, I really need to keep a few dollars put by for day to day operations of the island.

MtC 12: Svokai Moriz

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Svokai Moriz is not one of the sanest individuals in the cult. It probably started when he misunderstood Seanan’s silver regimen and took a few doses of mercury. He’s since started taking the proper dosage of silver instead, but his lack of focus has left him nicknamed Wild Eyes Kai. He also dyes his beard, though it’s probably just because Anram does and so Kai assumes that was what you were supposed to do. It’s widely considered that he’s received a gift of inhuman strength from Slaanesh, because even a space marine might be hard pressed to carry around as ridiculous of a load as Kai does in the form of, in his own words, “reloads for me flail, in case I runs out in the middles of a fight. It wouldn’t do, no, not at all.” That’s right he carries what is basically 4 cannon balls around in his backpack, and doesn’t seemed phased by it in the slightly. I did warn you he wasn’t all there.

Kai usually claims he aspires to be a spaceship pilot, but his aspirations aren’t entirely consistent, and he as at various times expressed plans to become a Daemon Princess, Defiler, Ork Nob or Motorcycle. While some of this is attributable to lack of sanity, the truth is most of his poor grasp on reality is probably due to his rampant drug use (even for a Slaaneshii cultist). If he has indeed received a boon it’s likely to actually be immunity to overdosing.

Audible Wink

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Dael’s Adventure Part 3

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With our heroes triumphant we bound the thugs. The orc started to torture them for information but we managed to calm him down and the surviving Ebonbiters seemed perfectly willing to talk without the need for disfiguring them with hammer blows. We dispatched one of our number to locate and bring a patrol of the night watch. We did our best to explain the situation and events leading up to it, however between several of us trying to explain at the same time, and the rather amazing nature of events it rapidly became apparent that they believed we were indeed working for Eight Arms, but on the down low.

They became more and more dubious of our story as it progressed, to the point where the guard said “Audible Wink, and then the giant wolf attacked.” It was fairly obvious to me there was more going on… I mean even the orc couldn’t have bitten the wererat’s head off, but the guardsman was having none of it, and they’d trundled the thugs off before I could even finish explaining about the Manticore.

We did our best to re-secure the Wilkerton Shipping warehouse, however with two busted windows we figured it best to stay and keep guarding the place for the rest of the night. That is, until Hubert noticed something weird with his watch and the city bell not agreeing. Solei and I climbed to the roof, but couldn’t quite see the bell so it was decided to send some people to the clock tower to investigate however things kind of got out of control with everyone wanting to go on this excursion except me… and I certainly wasn’t going to guard the warehouse on my own, so we abandoned our post.

Upon arrival the clock was still showing midnight, no staff was apparent, and the lock on the door thwarted both Solei and Mortia’s attempts to bypass it so we returned to the Eight Arms office to report in. It then transpired that Cilla considered the black goo to be extremely dangerous, and so she hired all 6 of us on the spot. She had us split up into three groups to notify apparent movers and shakers. Solei and I headed to the park to try and track down Crazy Eddie and his pet dragon Teawrecks; who apparently it is a bad idea to fight though I’m not quite sure why anyone sane would pick a fight with a dragon, much less a domesticated one. We were unable to locate the erstwhile Eddie, but we did encounter some exploding ninjas who were very impolite and threw poisoned knives at us. However our failure to locate Eddie was probably the least ignominious of our three parties.

Honch and Vyrez went to the slums to try and locate a retired sea captain named Gallagher. They also encountered an exploding ninja, but in the process of defeating it basically leveled the poor captain’s abode, as well as broke into a neighbors house to try and find additional information.

Hubert and Mortia went to Killian Shea’s estate, an elven noble. They ran afoul of, and destroyed his automated security and then it transpired that most (or possibly all) of his help aside from a single guard had disappeared. When they named dropped the Radiant Kings Killian was willing to host/relocate the Eight Arms to his estate as a sort of temporary HQ to deal with the process.

Warehouse? More like Bewarehouse!

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Dael’s Adventure Part 2

Start from the beginning
So it turns out The Eight Arms only had two positions open, and 6 applicants. Dael wasn’t too worried about succeeding, in fact he was pretty sure several of the others were far more qualified than he was as adventurers, but seeing the rest of them work together or at odds would probably be at least one worthwhile entry in his log book, and he could surely find some work elsewhere in the likely event he didn’t get one of the two openings.

Eight Arms : The Six Applicants

Dael: Aesthetic Monk and Drunken Master.

Solei: She looks like a fighter with her heavy armor, but seems by turns sneaky and arcane.

Honch: A big half-ork. His bearing says ex-military; something tells me he didn’t spend that much time in the front lines.

Vyrez: This one I’m not sure about. Maybe he’s a vampire? He looks half dead; he is certainly intimidating. I’m sure his story will be interesting. I kind of hope it’s the two of us so I can have a good excuse to ask him questions.

Mortia and Hubert: I’m not sure what to make of this mystical couple. Sometimes it seems like they are paying so much attention to each other they don’t see the wolf in front of them.

Ebonbiters bite off more than they can chew

In this instance, the proving would be in protecting a warehouse for the night. The desire was to not only prevent the looting of the warehouse, but also to capture alive as many possible. We arrived at the warehouse shortly before dusk. With basically no discussion of plan we each cased building on our own and then proceeded to surround the building in a vary obvious manner. Varyz and Honch both tried to be nonchalant, while Mortia attempted to break into one of the side doors. Meanwhile I’d stepped into a nearby bar and procured a large bottle of local swill, which wasn’t much better than water, though it certainly had a lot more character than most water does. With my ale in hand I could rest outside the bar and watch two of the exits.

A group of thugs approached, and well, I must admit the swill was a bit stronger than I expected and I took it upon myself to try and apprehend all three of them at once. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure there were more of them then my initial reckoning summed to, and I was rapidly overwhelmed. Fortunately Hubert came to my rescue and with his aid, as well as that of Vyrez we were able to knock out pretty much all of the thugs. I did not witness it first hand, but apparently at the same time a wererat and several giant rats snuck into the warehouse through a window, espied only by Solei who finished the job Mortia started and gained entrance through the side door.

Just as we were finishing off the thugs in the front of the building, a giant ice wolf and a manticore joined the scene making it a 3 way battle. Honch forced the front gate open and we joined battle against these terrifying beasts. After a hard fight against the wolf it turned into some sort of black goo, with the head of the wererat lying where it’s stomach had been. Fortunately for us this seemed to frighten off the Manticore.

I do wish I’d made it inside the warehouse sooner, I’m sure the wererat would have been a sight to behold while alive. That said, even if I don’t get the job, this night alone has already been fantastic enough that I doubt any of the elders will be unimpressed.

Dael’s Adventures in Basingstock

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Dael is a monk from The Aesthetic Order of Cluodesa, a group founded on a misspelling, or so the story goes.  As the final part of his initiation a monk must walk the world, appreciating many things, ideally that few others in the Order have experienced. Since few of the Order have visited Basingstock, this seemed the ideal location, being a fairly large city, but far enough from the monastery that most initiates instead trek to Hornshroud which has a slightly higher population, but is also much closer.

Dael had been in the city for a few months, travelling around and seeing the sights, and sampling all the city has to offer, and keeping meticulous notes in his log book. While he started in the more well to do districts, sleeping in luxury, admiring fine parks and museums, eating at the finest establishments (some of the newer ones which no Cluodesa monks had previously patronized) and having a fairly great time, as the months passed his funds rapidly diminished and he moved to the more middle class districts, sampling theater and street fare, sleeping in more common inns and boarding houses. Eventually he moved on to the lower class districts, and slums. Sampling the life and entertainments of the poor and downtrodden.

Now Dael has sampled a broad cross section of all the city has to offer, he’s decided it’s time to build up the cash for a trip out of the city and on to see some of the wilderness and areas around Basingstock, and to that end he has responded to an advertisement for employment with Eight Arms Adventuring Guild. If nothing else, his employment might take him on some adventures outside the city, where who knows what he’ll see.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt X

Monday, September 18th, 2017

January ’53

My scientists have told me they can send me back in time, though only 3 years. However thanks to this I’ll be able to take advantage of certain key world events, as long as I can make a success of myself on another island. And don’t go visit any islands where I’ve already established myself. Apparently meeting oneself from another timeline will destabilize the sub-reality infundabilium. Or something like that, I’m not super clear on the terms. However I’ve got a contract with Mr. Preston from America and I think I can make a rum up job of it, even if the settlement here is pretty sparse.

March ’53

Initial survey results are in, and the mineral wealth of this island is so abysmal it should probably be called mineral poverty. We’re going to have to create a thriving import/export business, and profit from being the middle man. Fortunately, as far as shipping lanes go, we are right in the middle. A little of the old ‘buy low, sell high’ and I should be rolling in the dough in no time. The first step is of course to build a Custom’s Office. Hopefully the workers on this island are a little more diligent.

September ’53

The Customs Office is finished and the foundations for a couple of cannaries and apartment complexes have been laid down. This should enable to us buy cheap coffee, repackage it, and then sell it at considerable markup. Perfect!

MtC 11: Brunacus Liruxa

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Brunacus Liruxa, Brunus to his friends has been thrice blessed. Early in his career he manage to toss a grenade into a bunker where a couple of Space Marines were inspecting an Imperial Guard weapons cache. The resulting explosion obliterated all of the occupants and was pretty spectacular to boot. Brunus’s tongue grew three sizes that day, and that night during the celebration he used it to it’s fullest, earning his second boon, his magnificent horns. Brunus treats them like an art piece, painting them garish colors as the mood suites him. Further, his facility with his tongue has lead to his mouth being wired open with consecrated wire, and it’s been declared that as a shrine to Slaanesh his mouth was free use. His willing acceptance, nay embracing of his new status is likely what what lead to his third and most recent boon, one of the highest honors any cultist is likely to see, a crab like daemonette claw.

Brunus is generally considered rather dapper, wearing a silk neckerchief of one stripe or another at almost all times. Amazingly, despite the crab claw he is also an adroit sewer, and will often loot the finest textiles and clothes on raids to repair or improve the clothing and gear of the other cultists. His excellent disposition in combination with his other qualities has lead him to be a cult favorite and though he doesn’t know it, the rest of the cult do their best to keep him out of of the thickest combat during battles, feeling his talents can best serve Slaanesh outside of the battlefield.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt IX

Monday, September 11th, 2017

February ’65

A couple of tourist have been abducted and held hostage! How terrible. We’ll send the army in and rescue them, no tourists will be injured during my watch!


November ’65

The islands first roller coaster is finished, this should be a huge tourist draw, and hopefully will be the start of an amazing theme park.


February ’66

Election results are in, and yet again the people love me. 88% voted in my favor. I suppose i’m slipping a bit. On the bright side I’m at nearly 900k Followers, I’m quickly approaching my self set goal of a million Tweeters!


April ’66

Success! I’ll let the picture speak for itself! I wonder if those tourists were ever rescued? Oh well, I’m sure the army will manage it if they haven’t already, but I have business elsewhere; CEO Keith Preston has a lucrative contract for me on Yermo Encarnado, and I feel if I stayed much longer on this island the volcano would surely erupt. Better to leave while I’m ahead as they say in poker.

MtC 10: Logore Fesryn

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Logore Fesryn likes long hikes in desolated wastelands, the sound of shattering glass, romance novels, and clipping off the limbs of his enemies. Another collector, Logore discovered a small cache of novels by D. Oswald Heist while his raiding party was stranded on a murder world deep in the eye of terror. It was also there that he received his boon from Slaanesh in the form of a tremendously strong claw that mutated and formed as he carried the box of books back to the ship.

He has staunchly accepted that the chances of finding any more of Heist’s novels is exceedingly slim, since the text is illegible unless there is some kind of warp activity nearby. Logore claims that this is a sign that the books are from an entirely other universe, but it doesn’t dissuade him from hanging around Mobus when he is consecrating talismans for the chance to read a chapter or two. He’s also quick to volunteer for any mission which might have a chance of bringing him into proximity of warp-rift activity.

Another “Target” body with GW bits for head and arms. Standing in a crowd of other cultists you’d probably have no idea it wasn’t GW w/out looking closely.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt VIII

Monday, September 4th, 2017

October ’62

The tourists’ habit of throwing their trash anywhere has lead to some bad habits from our beloved natives. As such we’ve built a dump on the outskirts of town. There were a few complaints from some of the residents of the nearby apartment complex, but we assured them that this is the most modern of dumps, with recycling and trash incineration and the smell should be very minimal. Plus we offered them reduced rent for several months!


June ’63

The newly finished cathedral should help with the bishop’s complaints that there isn’t enough space to worship on the Island. Now we just have to hire someone to run it and then wait for them to show up on one of the boats. Really it would be nice if there was a way to promote our highschool and then build a college so we didn’t have to “import” college graduates and could instead hire natives for all of these vital tasks.

May ’64

It’s taken a while but the housing situation seems to be finally coming together. There are still a few dozen people living in shacks, but there are no more homeless! And no, I didn’t just have them shot.  Wages have been increased across the board and rent prices have been kept low. The amount to be made from rich tourists is astronomical so there is no reason to stint on quality of life for my people. A new Luxury hotel is nearly complete which is the first step in wooing famous world leaders which will likely prompt even more tourism.

September ’64

My cabinet acquired some … compromising photos of a certain US senator. In exchange for them disappearing a small contribution to my retirement fund has been anonymously made. Everybody wins. And no, we won’t be posting those picture here.

January ’65

One of the small number of malcontents and terrorists on the island was wanted by the US. We did our best to extradite him, but apparently he escaped their grasp and is now blaming our wonderful island and threatening revenge.