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Tag Archives: Disaster Looms

I love both of my jobs … all three if you count doing the website and working the desk as different jobs, and between them I work “full time” … but it still feels like I never have enough spare time. 

My book list is approaching 200, which I suppose isn’t too ridiculous seeing as I do work in a library, but then there are all the movies and TV shows I want to watch … Hell I’m only on #100 of Dr. Who … I’ve still got nearly a gross more to go. And there are dozens of TV shows I haven’t even started on. And Anime.

And then there are games. SO MANY games to play, not just video games either, board games too! I’ve only played a couple games of Zombicide and Disaster Looms. One full game of Mercs. I haven’t played 4th Edition 40k yet at all. I have two expansions for Thunderstone that I’ve never played. I haven’t played w/ all of the cards from the newest expansion for Dominion yet.

The sad thing is, even where I to win the lottery and quit work entirely I doubt I would have time to do all of the things I want to, consume all the media I want to etc.

So yeah … First World problem #513: Too Much Cool Stuff!

So turns out my case DID come today, and I have all the parts for my new computer (sans OS) sitting on my living room table. I won’t actually be able to put it together until tomorrow though. *Le Sigh*.

On the bright side, I did finally get to play a full game of Disaster Looms. I like it so far, but it does seem to me, at least in a 3 player game that there is too much tech duplication. Also there are a few rules questions I have (if you draw a second copy of a tech you already have, do you just have a second useless copy? Do you get paid twice when you sell it to the public domain?)