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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Please, by all means, someone make this. I would love to see it. If all else fails maybe I’ll write it myself.

Have a portal/dimensional door to another world … aliens or alternate history evil guys pour through. Half an hour into the movie, or end of the second episode of the TV Show the heroes close the portal. Probably at great cost, maybe some sacrifice themselves or get trapped on the other side to close it. The rest of the movie/show is devoted to dealing with all of “threat” that got through before the portal closed. There could be all sorts of complications, from non-combatants who came through to bad guys that go native or join up with criminal elements.

This could make for some really interesting drama…all of the interlopers don’t actually have to be evil, but all of them are stranded here. Some want to go home, but many came here to escape terrible situations “at home”.  Maybe they’ll want to naturalize, or maybe they’ll want to set up a regime here. Maybe some of them will join forces with local police forces to help hunt down criminal elements.

Probably not. I hesitate to explain what frog fractions is, for fear that I’ll give it away, but suffice to say you should GO PLAY NOW! If you play for less than 10 minutes you’re doing it wrong. Go back try again. At least get to Bug Mars before you give up.

So I’ve been mostly just grabbing random pictures from my folder of random pictures… but I could try and do themes by day or some such… You know Funny Friday, Surreal Sunday… This picture would probably be a good candidate for the latter. But of course, I’d also need names and themes for the other five days of the week. Suggestions?

…is there’s basically no such thing as overtime. Not that I mind working at the game store, but I do find my self more and more wishing I had more spare time. Instead I end up working extra hours at the game store. Still I find myself way more tired than I should be, and I know it’s not just the depression talking.

And as far as Sandy goes… I doubt we’ll be closed, but I can dream right? I’d love to have a weather day. Hell, I should probably just take a personal day sometime in the next couple of weeks. At least I’ve got Tuesdays half off these days.

And I still don’t have my Halloween costume solidified. I think I may try for Brian from Life of Brian. I’d need to find a white Yarmulke on fairly short notice. I suppose if all else fails I could do Jumping Jesus on a Pogo stick again (I still have one from a decade or so back).

So today we had Magic Game Day … a little 13 person tournament. 4 rounds, and in the final round there arose some discussion of having a cut to top 8. Some of the people wanted this badly. Some did not. Of course the interested parties where those who would have made the top cut, and those against where those who had first place already.

I ended up declining to have a cut, since we hadn’t planned for it … and also I wanted to leave at something approaching a reasonable hour. Of course the Pathfinder game pretty much prevented that, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

For tomorrow, I am inclined to offer to do a cut to top 8, but in exchange reduce the number of rounds. That is to say if we have a dozen people tomorrow, do 3 rounds, and then a cut to top 8. That’s a total of six rounds, but the last three will be much quicker (and single elimination). 

So we’re getting ready to move to a new email provider which means it’s time to clean out my mailbox. That’s a thing that I love about Gmail… I don’t have to delete email … I just hit Archive and if I ever need it again it’s there. Just have to know what to search for.

On the otherhand, I’ve already deleted over 4 years worth of emails … I’m up to 2008 and I still have about 6k messages to go through. That’s about 4 messages a day. Which I suppose isn’t so bad… except that I know that majority of the messages are more recent … that is to say that by the time I’ve deleted all the messages from ‘8 and ‘9 I’ll probably still have 4 or 5k messages, and it’ll be more like 5-6 messages a day.

It makes my brain hurt, but there are definitely some messages in there I want to keep.

As much as I love H2G2, Thursdays have become my favorite day of the week. Admittedly part of that is that it is the closest thing I get to a weekend. It’s the one day where I have to work none of my two (or three depending on  how you count) jobs. And often I can get together with some of my friends and play board and card games. And these friends are really digging Dominion, which is probably my all time favorite game so that doesn’t hurt either. And on this particular Thursday, we cut out of the game store early and relocated to my house where we played MORE Dominion with the addition of a few adult beverages. And it looks like this will continue to be our mode of operation for future Thursdays. Hurrah.

So sometimes when I’m gaming I really enjoy a game with a ridiculous difficulty level. I’m a sucker for Dwarf Fortress, FTL and I’m loving the new X-Com. On a similar vein I don’t win a whole lot of games of 7 Wonders so I still can’t get enough of that. I guess I don’t know why I like the ridiculous curve though. I do enjoy simple games on occasion. Sometimes there is little I like more than playing through a Sudoku on the easiest setting, or playing some dumb casual game on Kongregate that requires no thought or effort to master.

Anyways I just ran into the new version of the Ethereals, and I think I’ve now encountered the new version of every monster … I feel like there are a couple missing, but I suspect I’m getting close to the end of my first play through. This last mission I lost 3 guys on. A couple of which where my only psychers. I’m going to have to hire a lot of rookies and maybe build a second psi-lab.

So I was supposed to visit my dentist today to get my temporary crowns replaced with slightly less temporary ones (don’t ask, it’s complicated and a little gross).

I got a call this morning that he wasn’t feeling well and telling me not to come in. Now, I’d asked for time off from work (and i do earn Sick Leave). I wonder what the proper etiquette is … should I have called in to work and let them know I was available after all (this is what I did)? If they don’t need me should I change my leave request to Annual Leave instead of Sick Leave?

Halloween is coming, are you ready?

So just because a book is in the Juvenile section, doesn’t mean it’s only for children. I just finished A Boy and a Bear in a Boat and it was quite excellent. It’s billed as a children’s book, and the text certainly isn’t difficult. I think adults might find it equally edifying however. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, this is Waiting for Godot for kids.

I also started and finished Saga, a graphic novel by Brian Vaughan. Or at least, volume one. So good. Believable characters, even if their appearances are outlandish their motivations seem realistic. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

I love both of my jobs … all three if you count doing the website and working the desk as different jobs, and between them I work “full time” … but it still feels like I never have enough spare time. 

My book list is approaching 200, which I suppose isn’t too ridiculous seeing as I do work in a library, but then there are all the movies and TV shows I want to watch … Hell I’m only on #100 of Dr. Who … I’ve still got nearly a gross more to go. And there are dozens of TV shows I haven’t even started on. And Anime.

And then there are games. SO MANY games to play, not just video games either, board games too! I’ve only played a couple games of Zombicide and Disaster Looms. One full game of Mercs. I haven’t played 4th Edition 40k yet at all. I have two expansions for Thunderstone that I’ve never played. I haven’t played w/ all of the cards from the newest expansion for Dominion yet.

The sad thing is, even where I to win the lottery and quit work entirely I doubt I would have time to do all of the things I want to, consume all the media I want to etc.

So yeah … First World problem #513: Too Much Cool Stuff!