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First I was born, and then the trouble began.

In the time since I have become a Librarian*, a Web developer and a Gamer. I enjoy Gaming, Reading and watching interesting shows. All in all I am slightly less boring than your average bear.

On this blog I will post about a variety of things.  I used to post 5 times a week, with a variety of interesting things.  However after a 4 year hiatus it’s taking a bit of effort to get back into regularly posting. For now I’m going to keep up with Monday’s Let’s Play. Fridays are now Meet the Cultist where I look at some of the least regarded members of my Emperor’s Children army. Wednesdays I’m going to post about RPGs… possibly just session recaps and lore sidebars. If you don’t like games, or Movies I’m not sure why you’re here, but I hope you enjoy your stay.

*Since I don’t have an MLIS technically I’m not a Librarian. I’ve just worked in one for well over two decades.

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