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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Now that Iradrüll has achieved Exalted Daemonhood, all that’s left is to achieve is freeing Slaanesh. She’s assembled a mighty force of Daemon Princesses and Keepers of Secrets, however ultimately what she needs is mortal worshipers. A dozen warp entities can’t be everywhere, so she’s collected her most exalted champions to achieve a feat that will put a spark in the hearts of mortals throughout the realms. As an added bonus cooperating with armies from the other four grand alliances can only only plant seeds of interest in the hearts of mortals throughout the realms. Here then is a record for the scribes of the great and beautiful forces who will be brought to bear in the great battle to defeat Red.

A’vagarnur: This fiery haired Keeper of Secrets is one of the most “well known” Keepers, being content to present herself in front or mortals, her perfect brown skin being temptation enough to draw them towards Slaanesh’s embrace before disappearing back into the warp. While most mortals who have seen her are sure that she has told them some supremely important secret, her thick drawl leaves them unable to elucidate what it was, and as desirous as ever of seeking out the answer.

Eaddil’ammur: This pink tinted Keeper of Secrets is probably the most cunning of Iradrüll’s host. She is responsible for numerous innovations in the mortal followers she’s inspired, including the devastating seeker chariots. Most would be surprised to know she was largely responsible for developing Scrolls of Denial, especially now that the “denial” spell is pretty much requisite for any wizard.

Aernel Ivley: This Blue Skinned Keeper of Secrets, like many Slaaneshii Daemons, has mutable sex characteristics but even more disturbing can store the seed and eggs(you don’t want to know the details) of mortals she copulates with within erself, later combining them and birthing these new … creations; many spawn are born from Aernel, but many creatures of perfection as well.

Mureenas Rtus: Mureenas believes that the other alliances (Order, Death and Destruction) can’t be beaten individually and has worked to bring concord amongst the factions of chaos as weird as that sounds. Her empathy in these matters has lead to several great powers offering obeisance to Slaanesh over their previously preferred ruinous powers.

Lysha Naph: This Daemon Princess has enough breasts to make the triple breasted whore of Eroticon Six feel ashamed. Yet her network of devotees who whisper secrets to her in their nightly prayers is so extensive that she is one of the most informative Daemon’s in Iradrüll’s host.

Maerkari: {Nurgle} One of several Daemon’s whose allegiance is split, Maerkari’s experimentation with warpstone has lead to some stunning results. Whether the results are more diseases or less is hard to tell, but ultimately the afflicted aren’t suffering so even if Nurgle and Slaanesh are working together, who is to complain?

Maeren’neeg: {Khorne} One of several Daemon’s whose allegiance is split, she probably has the hardest time reconciling her devotion to Khorne and Slaanesh. Her ability to grant boons to mortals however is unsurpassed, sometimes even allowing them to meld with Steeds. Her followers are fearsome in combat, and excel above all others.

Zimoon’ebovay: {Tzeentch} One of several Daemon’s whose allegiance is split, her concerns towards equality largely go unregarded in the wartorn realms yet her devotees are those most likely to have their ears or fingers involved in any Rubicons that other factions are working towards.

Khaslillie: The instigator of Khaslillie and Rheatravix’s Awesome Fucking Band, at Iradrüll’s request she’s returned to the Eye of terror for a “reunion tour”. What could go wrong?