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I managed to break apart one of the two “Tower” pieces and fix it, and assembled the rest of the. Now I just need to prime and paint it all.

I didn’t take pictures, but trust me Bro.

One consequence of putting this together with only online instructions is I messed up. And of course it was on the one piece of terrain that was duplicated.

Just need to do the terrain and my half of the core box will all be assembled. I might do Rick’s half for him but I also kind of want to get back to painting. We’ll see where my motivation lies tomorrow.

If you’re considering the game I recommend washing the ShatterPoint sprues before assembly. I suspect they don’t clean the mold release off well. I had trouble assembling with both plastic and super glue (and Ben said he’d had glue issues too) so I washed the remaining sprues last night and they’re going together better with plastic glue now.

Two Mandos and three droids done tonight

Two more minis assembled. Plastic and super glue both have trouble adhering so I also washed the rest of the sprues (not pictured) jic it’s mold release causing issues.

Played a Demo yesterday w/ Ben and ended up splitting the Core box w/ Rick. Started assembly of my half today, but only got two models put together. That said, it’s been a joy! Look at this sprue! Well, do the best you can, I’m afraid I managed to focus on Garth Maul’s bits instead of the runner.

Anyways, it’s some of the best runner design I’ve seen. Sure it’s a minor inconvenience that the instructions are online only. But each mini’s bits are consolidated together and each mini has its own letter. Makes it super easy to clip out a figure’s bits and then put them together – no hunting around 2-3 sprues trying to find Part 42. More of this please!

Today’s Hobby: Played a demo game of Shatterpoint, and set up this blog to also post to Discord, Instagram, and other social media.

So a few years back I started doing #HobbyStreak thanks to a @Dana_howl video, as a way to try and get through my hobby backlog. Basically, every day I do “some” hobby. Paint or Assemble 1 model, or maybe a bunch. The key was to do SOMETHING. I’ve missed a few days along the way but not many. Some might claim it’s not really a streak but I don’t care. In fact, I care less, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

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