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Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt V

Monday, August 14th, 2017

November 56

In a bid to win the elderly demographic, which should also garner more respect from the older tourists, we’ve instituted a Social Security scheme. Right now there are so few qualified individuals it’ll only cost us about $12 a year…

January 57

Senator Crane is a smooth tongued devil… This “Freedom Tax”; well, we have little choice to pay, as there isn’t much we could do if the Americanos became angry with us. This is a great hardship as most of our current budget was to be spent on improved housing conditions for our populace… We have a tenement building and a condominium, but many are still living in shacks.

September 57

It’s been a fairly uneventful summer. The Llama Flu ban on immigration has been lifted, apparently enough people thought it was a hoax. Our housing situation is still fairly dire, and there’s been rumblings from our local priests that we don’t have enough religious support. We do have the third of four planned ranches is just being finished, which should be a nice dietary addition to the fish and corn that is the vast majority of local fare.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt IV

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

January ’56

Ahh, the start of a new year. We’ve built a tacky little tiki bar since the tourists all seem to want to spend at least one night in the local dive. We’ve also nearly complete a second clinic, and just in time, we’ve been placed under quarantine due to an outbreak of the Llama Flu.

August ’56

The Llama Flu has finally run it’s course and tourism can resume, though immigration is still prohibited. We’ve offered considerable discounts to any tourist who has a significant social media following, this should help get the word out and hopefully really bring the numbers of visiting tourists up. On a more domestic front we’ve started working on an electrical infrastructure, and while it’ll be a while before we can afford to put in a proper hospital, we’re at least able to offer AC now which should improve everyone’s quality of life, event in the more decrepit tenements.

October ’56

A small earthquake cause the tenement to collapse. We were able to fund rebuilding easily, though that will delay the hospital a few months. Much worse, apparently many of the natives are unhappy and some of them are forming some kind of rebel organization. Some of the more violent minded of my advisers are suggesting we should raise a militia to deal with them, but I think if we can just raise their quality of life they’ll see what a great leader I am voluntarily put down their arms.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt III

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Welcome back to Cara Libro. The first tour ship has arrived, bringing 10 tourists (who may have received some massive discounts on their tour package.) However apparently Monopolies are bad, and so the UN has suggested that we need a second motel, and have even given us a grant to help fund it’s construction.

March ’55

The second hotel is finished. My advisers suggest we may need to build a second Construction Office, as the number of buildings we have planned is getting quite extensive. Of course constructing a second CO would delay all of the other buildings.

May ’55

So the popularity of Social Media has given us a concrete goal. If we can get a million followers we’ll have made our mark on the tourism industry. So, all you twits, follow me #presidenteforlife.

August ’55

The First Church is finally finished, however I just found a report that 3 people died last year due to poor healthcare. This is unacceptable; so I’ve doubled the staffing of the clinic and we shall shortly build a second clinic. Sick citizens will lead to poor service for our tourists. It should not be too expensive to keep our workforce hale and hearty and we shall reap the rewards from the rich tourists!

September ’55

I just stumbled across a year old report about the possible danger of the Volcano. If I were to believe this report, should the volcano go off pretty much everything is going to be hosed in lava, so I choose the simple expediency of not believing the report. Obviously there’s something wrong here, so we will suppress all information about the volcano. Obviously it’s safe, I mean… it didn’t go off last year did it?

Let’s Play Tropico 4: Part II

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Turns out the campaign is a bunch of fairly short scenarios… about 5 minutes into the second session of the first one I won. Oops. Unfortunately all my screenshots of #2 (How to Mine Fish) mysteriously disappeared. I blame the rebels. So this means we’ll skip right on to mission 3. Interestingly any traits you pick slowly improve over the course of the game, so I’m keeping my Professor background, but switching my Rise to Power to Hotel Corporate Buyout since it’s got a tourism bonus. Likewise I’m switching my Entrepreneurial trait to Sociable for the tourism bonus.


So the island has an active volcano. One can only hope that will lead to FUN! later. In the meantime, the island only has the most basic infrastructure, however since the goal is going to be to make a tourist trap we’ll keep our cargo dock on the other side of the island from the touristy area. The little bay in the upper right is nice and sheltered and has an interesting rock formation and should make the perfect tourist destination.





I’ve started with a tourist dock (much nicer than the cargo dock on the other side of the island, and a few bungalows. I’ve also built a road from the historic downtown. Obviously we’ll want to get a hotel in shortly, and some other entertainment, but for now this should be enough to entice a select few to come to Cara Libro and spread the word of this idyllic island with it’s quaint charms.

<Time Passes> And a few months later the wharf and a couple of bungalows are finished. Due to poor planning, the hotel has been finished well ahead of schedule while 3 of the bungalows still are little more than foundations. Unfortunately the pub has become a local favorite and will probably need to be entirely revamped if we want to make it presentable to the more high class clientele we’d like to to attract to the island. The job of El Presidente is never done. Also still under construction is a garage to allow for easier transport between Paradiso district (hey, my marketer isn’t the most original) and the Historic District. In retrospect we should probably have built the garage first to enable faster travel for our construction workers.

Soon we’ll have a beautiful vacation spot with the tourists flocking here in droves. I’ve talked to my advisers and we’ve decided to focus on the wealthier demographic. To that end we’ve started construction of a five star Spa and a Fancy Marina which you can see the foundations of below.

Let’s Play Tropico 4.

Monday, July 24th, 2017

The view from my helicopter as we make final approach to my new island home.

Who doesn’t want to rule a Tropical Island? I’ve played a few of the earlier versions so it shouldn’t be too hard… I’ve picked a custom avatar, a Professor put into power via a “velvet revolution” who is a hardworking entrepreneur with administrative experience.


I started off with a few farms. Two producing corn, and a Papaya farm for variety, plus a couple (not pictured here) Tobacco farms to make some money. now I just have wait for my loyal subjects to build them all.

The Church, Clinc and pub are all vital to infrastructure.

Downtown I’ve constructed a Church, Clinic and Pub… As well as a Museum near the palace. Hopefully these should make the people happier.

With minimal infrastructure surely I’m missing something. The Police Station and Ministry are now finished and a High School has been commissioned. The marketplace should help feed my people, but I need some better housing. Even with two tenement buildings, I’ve still got a small shanty town building up behind the police station.

And everyone loves me! Nation El President is awesome day is a huge success. And don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

Let’s play … Something

Monday, July 17th, 2017

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So what would make a good Let’s Play? I could do Dwarf Fortress; It’s been a while and I wouldn’t mind some FUN! I’ve got X-com 2, but I’ve barely scratched the surface… That said a clueless ironman run could be entertaining… Though it’d probably end up getting all of my friends killed before I get the chance to included them all. Another possibility is Rimworld, which is kind of like Dwarf Fortress, but in space, and more firmly 2d.

Some outliers:

  • Tropico 4 (I’ve played the first few, but haven’t tried this version yet)
  • Cities: Skylines (this could be interesting if I can find a nice map of bburg, or import one?)
  • Banished (somewhere between Cities and Dwarf Fort)
  • Massive Chalice (the “genetics/bloodline” nature of this game makes me kind of uncomfortable)

Alternatively instead of Let’s Play I could do Choose Your Own Post and either start a new adventure, or revive the stories where they stalled out. I’m also open to other suggestions if you’ve got ’em.


The Second Time is always easier

Friday, May 10th, 2013

dfwellwellwellSo yeah, 2 Forgotten Beasts slain. If we can get through this tantrum spiral and make the dwarves happy again it might actually be salvageable. Work is progressing well on our Waterworks project. A well. Aha! Do you see what I did there? Anyways, 3 lever operated floodgates so as not to flood too much. Tulon has withdrawn from society and claimed a craftdwarfs workshop. I kind of hope he makes us some nice furniture or something with which we can spruce up the place. Nope. A Crundle Bone Mask. I’m sure it menaces with spikes and stuff.

Another wave of migrants has arrived, putting us back to 78 dwarves. And somehow one of my dwarves has fallen down the well and drowned. It doesn’t matter, a small goblin ambush of only a couple dozen gobbos has slaughtered my militia and is now running rampant through my fortress. They’ve easily killed as many dwarves as the first forgotton beast did. With my dwarves already less than happy, probably a vampire lurking somewhere in my fort, and things only likely to get worse, it’s probably time to call this fort a failure and try again.

Since this is the end, here are some highlights of the fort! Our trade depot, and the lightly trapped main entrance, as well as the caravan entrance.


Here’s the hall of the dead. All but 4 of these coffins are full. And those 4 only because I just built them. Maybe I’ll run the game long enough to bury all of the dead.


Here you can see a portion of the fine housing. Discounting Noble housing on the end, this could once fully functional support 102 dwarves. I’d been planning on duplicating it a layer down, but now there’s no real need.


Thus ends the tale of BalancedCudgel.

Addendum! So I decided to finish up the graves, and 22 more dwarves arrived just as I finished setting out the third column of coffins (which are basically filling up with dead as fast as I can get them crafted and then placed. It almost tempts me to continue with this fort. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen at this point?




Why So Melancholy?

Thursday, May 9th, 2013



So of the 68 surviving dwarves, 17 are unhappy. Or worse. Several have gone insane, and a few have died of self inflicted starvation/dehydration. We nearly have enough Coffins to house the remains of all the dwarves that have fallen due to the Forgotten Beast and it’s aftermath. Soon, maybe the fort can get back to normal. Or as normal as can be expected. We’ve nearly finished the great wall. The 2nd cavern is safely walled off.

A modest wave of 8 stout migrants have arrived. Apparently even the tales of sadness and woe can’t keep the good dwarves away from our magnificent fort. A human caravan has arrived, and on its heels comes Gethust the Forgotten Beast. I seriously doubt my fort can survive another dozen or more deaths, I already have regular tantrums, things being destroyed and infighting. How did Gethrust get through my defenses you may ask, well, in my flu-addled state, I forgot that hornets can traditionally fly. And this one is no exception. Then again maybe not. There were only 2 fatalities before my militia put it down! We’ve traded for much of what the humans have to offer.

The wildlife preservere is now complete. Next big project will be to finish walling off the caverns for safety.

My First Forgotten Beast

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Smunxaz Ezuspzestto Spongku Spab is DEAD! A new migration wave arrived in the middle of the battle, and our bookkeeper was one of the many killed. The exact death toll may never be known, but at least 20 brave dwarves died on the 4th of Slate, 1053. A quick census suggest 76 survivors and little damage to be repaired.

New administrators have been appointed, the hospital should be complete soon. Plans for a cemetery and memorial garden are in the works, once we can get some coffins made. We may also need to make some memorial slabs, in case all of the corpses of our fallen brethren can not be located. Even with all of the deaths, there we only a couple of injuries, so hopefully we can get things running again soon.

Assuming the dwarves stop throwing tantrums.  3 Dwarves are freaking out all at the same time! Now they’ve  calmed down and another dwarf is throwing a tantrum. Several tantrums later, and Reg Kogannoram our our Wax Worker has gone mad. More tantrums, more insane or berserk dwarves, fighting deep beneath the mountains. I suspect this will not end well.

A farmer has gone beserk, seriously injured another dwarf, and trapped a half a dozen more in a dead end. However he’s too injured to move. I’ve sent what remains of the militia to kill him as there seems to be no alternative. The elves have taken this opportune moment to show up and ask if we want to trade.


If things weren’t crazy enough, Bomrek Muthkatbim, our Siege Engineer has been possessed! Apparently I spoke too soon. The Forgotten Beast Gethust has come! A huge three-eyed hornet. It has two long, straight horns and it squirms and fidgets. Its clear exoskeleton is warty. Beware its poisonous sting! It looks like it is on the upper cavern, which we did successfully wall off, so we may be safe for the moment. We traded for literally everything the elves had, and gave them a bunch of crapft.

So Bomrek doesn’t quite have the materials he needs. If it was just one more thing I’d be a little more circumspect about waiting to wall him off. However I have made a terrible, terrible mistake.  See the little gear in the lower left? That’s our garbage dump. And it’s got hundreds or thousands of stones. So the question is, can our mason move all of the stones off of the dump, to the new one to south before Bomrek goes insane? And the answer is no. So for future reference, make sure not to put your garbage dump within 2 squares of anything. At least Bomrek only went melancholy mad.

Dig Everything

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

So I’ve started a massive amount of exploratory digging. Drafted more miners (and I think I’m going to pull in a few more). I was really hoping we’d hit something in one of the Gabbro layers, but I fear I may have to dig deeper to find any metal ore besides Sphalerite. I’m so annoyed by how useless Zinc is.

Zefon Edemneth our Blacksmith has been taken by a fey mood. I expect we’ll have an awesome Zinc artifact, seeing as he’s claimed the Magma Forge. He grabbed a ton of stuff and began a mysterious construction just before Spring of the third year.  And I’ve decided to dig deeper in search of useful ore. We didn’t have to dig far to find another cavern, and somehow during the digging part of the cavern collapsed, knocking Erush and Lolor unconscious. I suppose it’s time to set up a hospital.

As if we don’t have trouble enough, The Forgotten Beast Smunxaz Esuspzestto has come! A huge one-eyed serpent. It has four long straight horns and it appears to be emaciated. Its ochre scales are large and set far apart. Beware it’s noxious secretions!

On the bright side, Zefon has made a pretty fantastic door. We’ve set it in the entrance to our living quarters level!

Did I mention that Smunxaz has come? Alath Ngotunurist, Engraver is the first to die, in the first cavern, far far underground as is fit. The miners have been instructed to seal off the shaft, possibly leaving a couple of other dwarves to a similar fate, but otherwise the whole fortress will likely fall. Mebzuth Erithstagshil, our Metalcrafter will be missed. Led Ablelsod, a Mason also has been killed.

Woe betide us, a new wave of migrants has arrived, as the slaughter and desperate walling off of the caverns proceeds to worsen. The beast has found its way up the main shaft, and is running rampant throughout the fort. Nomal Matrovod has been found dead. Apparently we also have a Vampire. I suppose that doesn’t matter now.

An emergency Militia has been drafted, the 10 most able bodied dwarves. They rush to fight the beast shortly after it kills a baby. Kol and Mafol die almost instantly. Iton dies moments later. Asmel is interrupted trying to find a hammer when he’s attacked by a Great Horned Owl Woman. Will our trials never cease? It is apparently too much for Doren Loloror, our Brewer, for he has gone stark raving mad!

The casualties are too numerous to mention now, but Bembul Paddlebolt, our weaver has picked up a crossbow, and takes two shots at the beast. The first misses, but the second one strikes it in the head, tearing muscle and chipping the upper spine’s bone and bruising the nervous tissue! This slows it down enough for Bembul to put a few more bolts into it! The beast is defeated!