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Let’s Play Tropic 4: XIV

Monday, October 16th, 2017

December ’59

Our cigar factory is finally finished, however the workers are threatening to strike unless more entertainment is provided. To that end a Cosmic Pin (basically a restaurant on a super tall tower) has been planned, however I accidentally signed the papers giving the go ahead before talking to the budget committee and now we are in the red again. Downtown is really shaping up, and would be quite nice if we could get everyone out of shacks and into the nice new apartment buildings we’ve built for them.


January ’60

Congratulations to me, I won the election, and by a landslide! No, there wasn’t an actual landslide, but the final tally was 105 to 27 in my favor! And Penultimo was worried that I should try and influence the vote.


August ’60

Our space needle … ahem, Cosmic Pin is done. What a glorious monument, though we’ll definitely have to improve housing conditions, that shack filled slum is totally visible every time the view swings around.


Jaunary ’61

The middle school is finished, and highschool is nearing completion. The next generation of islanders will have an education and we will be able to stop hiring foreigners for our more complex jobs.


Let’s Play Tropic 4: XIII

Monday, October 9th, 2017

September ’58

Things have been very busy, and yet, kind of boring at the same time. Construction is finished on a hotel so that tourists will have a place to stay. Downtown keeps growing, with plans far outstripping the capabilities of the construction crews. The police station is finished, if unstaffed, one and a half of the 3 new apartment buildings have gone up, and foundation for a shopping mall has been laid. Meanwhile in the harbor district basically no progress has been made on the Cigar Factory, Furniture Factory or Rum Distillery. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds left over after planning all of this to bribe the works to rush build anything.

January ’59

The lack of natural resources on this island has obviously affected my constituent’s pride. The current prediction for the upcoming election breaks down the votes at about 84 for me and 61 for my rival Ciriaco Vega. Surely a rousing speech and some stirring campaign promises will bring the populace around. Plus that shopping mall should be done any day now, which should greatly distract them from whatever woes they may have.

February ’59

A tsunami hit, damaging a few buildings, and stranding an oil tanker deep in uninhibited territory, fortunately no one of consequence was injured or killed and rebuilding only cost a couple of grand. Already scaffolding has gone up to dismantle this huge ship.

Let’s Play Tropic 4: XII

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

March ’56

We’ve got our first Rebel, Aloise Rios! I guess we didn’t get the church built fast enough for her.

June ’56

Keith Preston, the American Investor who helped set me up here, has sprung his trap, and I need to export at least a hundred grand in the next 8 years or he’ll be able to take over operations on the island. I guess it’s time to fire my lawyer and ramp up the export business.

October ’56

This island doesn’t have a lot of natural resources, but there are some trees. So let’s cut them down, and make furniture. Genuine bespoke hand crafted by natives, artisanal  antique furniture. I’m sure the americans will eat it up. The last shipment brought in $60k, however I’ve already spent forty of that, and it’ll be many months before the next cargo ships come, I’m going to try and keep the treasury over 10k so we can get a faster turnaround on the ships when they do arrive.

Feb ’57

In addition to the new logging camp, we’ve spent a bit extra to refurbish an old colonial fort as a tourist trap. Tourism is definitely a secondary concern, but hopefully it can get us a little be more cashflow. It would be nice to only be losing a little money every money while we wait for the next cargo freighter to arrive.

June ’57

Rumours of a Pirate convention on a nearby island have been surfacing. The next time we get an export payout we’ll have to build a rum distillery and start making rum to sell them.

Let’s Play Tropic 4: XI

Monday, September 25th, 2017

March ’54

Progress is slow, but the second cannery is done. A new dock has been started, to allow for more traffic, the previous one just won’t be able to support the amount of incoming and outgoing cargo that we anticipate. Housing is lagging behind a bit, but hopefully we can get the the contracts on the new apartment blocks facilitated… just might have to grease some palms or relax some safety regulations. I mean really, a nice apartment is surely going to be safer than some rickety shack so it’ll be an improvement overall.


December ’54

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve spent a huge amount to bring electricity to the dock front. Primarily this was to enable flash freezing of the coffee, however surely AC in the apartments will make all of the workers happy!

March ’55

I need some cake and circuses or whatever the phrase is. One of our residents has started a protest because she was bored. I mean, there’s plenty of work to do, and we’re currently operating at a deficit after spending way too much to bring electricity to the apartment complexes. I guess we’ll have to build some sort of entertainment for the locals. I wish they would just work all the time when they weren’t sleeping.

August ’55

It’s taken nearly five months, but we’ve finally gotten paid for the latest Coffee export, at $37k we’re not only back in the back, but primed to build some primo entertainment facilities to keep my populace mollified.

November ’55

And we’re broke again, I really need to reign in my spending, but there’s so much we need. A Childhood Museum to entertain and enlighten, a Casino (rush built) to bring in a little more money, and a Clinic and Church. The sad truth is that month to month we have to operate at a deficit, though the frequent shipments more than make up for it, I really need to keep a few dollars put by for day to day operations of the island.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt X

Monday, September 18th, 2017

January ’53

My scientists have told me they can send me back in time, though only 3 years. However thanks to this I’ll be able to take advantage of certain key world events, as long as I can make a success of myself on another island. And don’t go visit any islands where I’ve already established myself. Apparently meeting oneself from another timeline will destabilize the sub-reality infundabilium. Or something like that, I’m not super clear on the terms. However I’ve got a contract with Mr. Preston from America and I think I can make a rum up job of it, even if the settlement here is pretty sparse.

March ’53

Initial survey results are in, and the mineral wealth of this island is so abysmal it should probably be called mineral poverty. We’re going to have to create a thriving import/export business, and profit from being the middle man. Fortunately, as far as shipping lanes go, we are right in the middle. A little of the old ‘buy low, sell high’ and I should be rolling in the dough in no time. The first step is of course to build a Custom’s Office. Hopefully the workers on this island are a little more diligent.

September ’53

The Customs Office is finished and the foundations for a couple of cannaries and apartment complexes have been laid down. This should enable to us buy cheap coffee, repackage it, and then sell it at considerable markup. Perfect!

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt IX

Monday, September 11th, 2017

February ’65

A couple of tourist have been abducted and held hostage! How terrible. We’ll send the army in and rescue them, no tourists will be injured during my watch!


November ’65

The islands first roller coaster is finished, this should be a huge tourist draw, and hopefully will be the start of an amazing theme park.


February ’66

Election results are in, and yet again the people love me. 88% voted in my favor. I suppose i’m slipping a bit. On the bright side I’m at nearly 900k Followers, I’m quickly approaching my self set goal of a million Tweeters!


April ’66

Success! I’ll let the picture speak for itself! I wonder if those tourists were ever rescued? Oh well, I’m sure the army will manage it if they haven’t already, but I have business elsewhere; CEO Keith Preston has a lucrative contract for me on Yermo Encarnado, and I feel if I stayed much longer on this island the volcano would surely erupt. Better to leave while I’m ahead as they say in poker.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt VIII

Monday, September 4th, 2017

October ’62

The tourists’ habit of throwing their trash anywhere has lead to some bad habits from our beloved natives. As such we’ve built a dump on the outskirts of town. There were a few complaints from some of the residents of the nearby apartment complex, but we assured them that this is the most modern of dumps, with recycling and trash incineration and the smell should be very minimal. Plus we offered them reduced rent for several months!


June ’63

The newly finished cathedral should help with the bishop’s complaints that there isn’t enough space to worship on the Island. Now we just have to hire someone to run it and then wait for them to show up on one of the boats. Really it would be nice if there was a way to promote our highschool and then build a college so we didn’t have to “import” college graduates and could instead hire natives for all of these vital tasks.

May ’64

It’s taken a while but the housing situation seems to be finally coming together. There are still a few dozen people living in shacks, but there are no more homeless! And no, I didn’t just have them shot.  Wages have been increased across the board and rent prices have been kept low. The amount to be made from rich tourists is astronomical so there is no reason to stint on quality of life for my people. A new Luxury hotel is nearly complete which is the first step in wooing famous world leaders which will likely prompt even more tourism.

September ’64

My cabinet acquired some … compromising photos of a certain US senator. In exchange for them disappearing a small contribution to my retirement fund has been anonymously made. Everybody wins. And no, we won’t be posting those picture here.

January ’65

One of the small number of malcontents and terrorists on the island was wanted by the US. We did our best to extradite him, but apparently he escaped their grasp and is now blaming our wonderful island and threatening revenge.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt VII

Monday, August 28th, 2017

January ’60

Cara Libro truly was an idyllic  place before we invited all of these foreigners to our island. So far most of the crimes have been littering and vandalism, but we can’t have our chief of police operating out of a shack behind the Libro Imperator Hotel, and so we’re ordered construction of a fully functional and modern police station right in the heart of the tourist district.

Additionally the results of the Election are in, only 15 residents didn’t vote, and only 8 didn’t vote for me. With 87 votes that’s nearly 80% confidence level. It is good to be loved by the people.


December ’60

The TV station is nearly complete. The current plan is to broadcast educational programming. Learning with Leroy should help boost the brainpower of our citizens, which is especially important with all of the new technical jobs opening up in the marketplace (like working at the television stations for example.)


July ’61

Something has stalled the construction of the TV station… The ground apparently is not stable enough to support the TV tower and so they’ve had to install a special foundation, regardless it’s been six months and it still is “almost done”. The bright side of this is that one of our oil rigs has sprung a leak and so we at least will probably be able to fix the issue before it becomes widespread knowledge.


January ’62

Only a year late the TV station is finally completed, but due to the massive delay Leroy has left for other greener pastures (a farming programme in Louisiana.) That said we’ve contracted w/ another TV Teacher who should be here on the next boat, and changing the name to Learning with Louise shouldn’t be too hard. Plans are in place for a Cathedral and more housing.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt VI

Monday, August 21st, 2017

June ’58

The housing situation is just untenable, with nearly 40 people living in shacks. I’ve been told there are some homeless as well, but I don’t believe that for a moment. As El Presidente I promise, we’ll have sufficient housing before the end of the year!



January ’59

We’ve built 3 new apartment buildings and have a fourth almost finished, we’ve dropped the prices to a ridiculously low amount, but we still have 40 people dwelling in shacks. Maybe if we knocked the shacks down they’d move to the nicer locations we’ve set out for them. With an election coming up there is no better time to make this a big issue.

Maybe the people just don’t realize all the wonderful housing opportunities available to them. Out with shack living, in with Air conditioned Apartments.



June ’59

The Marina is finished which is great for tourism, but even after we demolished a half dozen shacks the people still seem to prefer to sleep on the beaches rather than enjoy the modern comforts of the Air Conditioned apartments we’ve spent a ton of money building. They’ve even built a few shacks near the marine, but we can’t just blow those up as surely some of the tourists will see us doing it and take it the wrong way.

September ’59

The housing situation is still abominable. They keep building shacks instead of moving into the glorious apartments. I’ve mandated an increase in wages for the uneducated, maybe they just can’t afford to live properly but I’m afraid there’ll be a riot if we order their shacks demolished again. On a brighter note, the seaside resort is finished and will surely attract more high class tourists!

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt V

Monday, August 14th, 2017

November 56

In a bid to win the elderly demographic, which should also garner more respect from the older tourists, we’ve instituted a Social Security scheme. Right now there are so few qualified individuals it’ll only cost us about $12 a year…

January 57

Senator Crane is a smooth tongued devil… This “Freedom Tax”; well, we have little choice to pay, as there isn’t much we could do if the Americanos became angry with us. This is a great hardship as most of our current budget was to be spent on improved housing conditions for our populace… We have a tenement building and a condominium, but many are still living in shacks.

September 57

It’s been a fairly uneventful summer. The Llama Flu ban on immigration has been lifted, apparently enough people thought it was a hoax. Our housing situation is still fairly dire, and there’s been rumblings from our local priests that we don’t have enough religious support. We do have the third of four planned ranches is just being finished, which should be a nice dietary addition to the fish and corn that is the vast majority of local fare.