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October ’58

The High School is finally done, but not nearly soon enough as so is the Rum Distillery, however the latter needs someone with at least a HS education to operate. Short term I think we’ll have to hire some foreign workers until we can complete our first education cycle.

August ’59

Here’s my latest money making scheme, a couple of Tobacco Farms (still under construction) and a Cigar Factory. It’s like money grows on shrubs as they say! Yet again though we need employees with at least a High School Education! This is why it’s so important to start them young. Literacy for everyone; I’m sure that will be one of my campaign pillars once the people get smart enough to demand an election. Education is a double edged sword after all.

November ’60

The newspaper is finally done. Apparently our High School is not enough and we’ll need to hire someone with a college degree, in the meantime we’ll print coupons for local businesses; this should help invigorate the local economy and make the people happy (who doesn’t like discounts?) The electrical infrastructure has also been expanding. Two apartment complexes have Air Conditioning, and it won’t be long before we can get electricity out to the mines and can really ramp up production there. Still costs keep cropping up faster than we can earn money. I don’t know when I’m going to have time to start padding my Swiss Bank Account.

June ’61

With this electrical substation in place our Gold and iron mines should really be able to ramp up production. We’ve also built a salt mine near the harbor district in order to secretly provide the Russians with salt for a perfectly legitimate purpose.

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