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MtC 12: Svokai Moriz

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Svokai Moriz is not one of the sanest individuals in the cult. It probably started when he misunderstood Seanan’s silver regimen and took a few doses of mercury. He’s since started taking the proper dosage of silver instead, but his lack of focus has left him nicknamed Wild Eyes Kai. He also dyes his beard, though it’s probably just because Anram does and so Kai assumes that was what you were supposed to do. It’s widely considered that he’s received a gift of inhuman strength from Slaanesh, because even a space marine might be hard pressed to carry around as ridiculous of a load as Kai does in the form of, in his own words, “reloads for me flail, in case I runs out in the middles of a fight. It wouldn’t do, no, not at all.” That’s right he carries what is basically 4 cannon balls around in his backpack, and doesn’t seemed phased by it in the slightly. I did warn you he wasn’t all there.

Kai usually claims he aspires to be a spaceship pilot, but his aspirations aren’t entirely consistent, and he as at various times expressed plans to become a Daemon Princess, Defiler, Ork Nob or Motorcycle. While some of this is attributable to lack of sanity, the truth is most of his poor grasp on reality is probably due to his rampant drug use (even for a Slaaneshii cultist). If he has indeed received a boon it’s likely to actually be immunity to overdosing.

MtC 11: Brunacus Liruxa

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Brunacus Liruxa, Brunus to his friends has been thrice blessed. Early in his career he manage to toss a grenade into a bunker where a couple of Space Marines were inspecting an Imperial Guard weapons cache. The resulting explosion obliterated all of the occupants and was pretty spectacular to boot. Brunus’s tongue grew three sizes that day, and that night during the celebration he used it to it’s fullest, earning his second boon, his magnificent horns. Brunus treats them like an art piece, painting them garish colors as the mood suites him. Further, his facility with his tongue has lead to his mouth being wired open with consecrated wire, and it’s been declared that as a shrine to Slaanesh his mouth was free use. His willing acceptance, nay embracing of his new status is likely what what lead to his third and most recent boon, one of the highest honors any cultist is likely to see, a crab like daemonette claw.

Brunus is generally considered rather dapper, wearing a silk neckerchief of one stripe or another at almost all times. Amazingly, despite the crab claw he is also an adroit sewer, and will often loot the finest textiles and clothes on raids to repair or improve the clothing and gear of the other cultists. His excellent disposition in combination with his other qualities has lead him to be a cult favorite and though he doesn’t know it, the rest of the cult do their best to keep him out of of the thickest combat during battles, feeling his talents can best serve Slaanesh outside of the battlefield.

MtC 10: Logore Fesryn

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Logore Fesryn likes long hikes in desolated wastelands, the sound of shattering glass, romance novels, and clipping off the limbs of his enemies. Another collector, Logore discovered a small cache of novels by D. Oswald Heist while his raiding party was stranded on a murder world deep in the eye of terror. It was also there that he received his boon from Slaanesh in the form of a tremendously strong claw that mutated and formed as he carried the box of books back to the ship.

He has staunchly accepted that the chances of finding any more of Heist’s novels is exceedingly slim, since the text is illegible unless there is some kind of warp activity nearby. Logore claims that this is a sign that the books are from an entirely other universe, but it doesn’t dissuade him from hanging around Mobus when he is consecrating talismans for the chance to read a chapter or two. He’s also quick to volunteer for any mission which might have a chance of bringing him into proximity of warp-rift activity.

Another “Target” body with GW bits for head and arms. Standing in a crowd of other cultists you’d probably have no idea it wasn’t GW w/out looking closely.

MtC 9: Anram Lutrius

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Anram Lutrius also follows Seanan’s silver routine, though it had the unfortunate side effect of turning his hair bluish black as well… However, being rather proud of his fiery yellow hair he’s taken great pains to redye it to it’s original color. Another big gun fanatic, Anram makes up for his lack of precision with volume of fire. In his spare time he likes to collect Xenos ID trading cards. It’s not entirely clear if these cards were actually put out by the Regimental Standard, or some shady knockoff (the truth is probably somewhere in between, but any raid against Imperial Guard will have Anram volunteering in the hopes that he’ll find some more cards whilst looting the bodies.

Several other cultists have created a game, wherein the goal is to feign interest in Anram’s card collection for as long as possible without laughing, crying. And to help keep the game alive, if Anram figures out that you are having fun at his expense you have to forfeit double your wager. Currently Vermora holds the record at nearly 137 minutes, which she achieved by solemnly declaring what methods she would utilize to burn each Xenos as Anram showed her it’s card.

MtC 8: Babas

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Babas has been blessed by Slaanesh twice in his illustrious career, but he’s worried that he is falling out of favor. He received the boon of a coveted Daemonette claw early in his career during a battle on the edge of the Eye of Terror, but it was several campaigns later before he got his second “boon.” Some of the other cultists, in particular Rurlan Khyphus, have been dubious, but Babas claims the extra nose has vastly improved his sense of smell (even if it’s unlikely he can smell in stereo) and the extra tongue has some advantages that are obvious to pretty much everyone. While his depth perception isn’t what it was, a shotgun solves most of that issue, and he thrills in the close in combat, even the number of cultists who survive hand to hand is generally fairly low.

This is another conversion, but it’s only about 30% GW. The ridiculous shoulder pads are a bit of a giveaway; still in a mob of 30 cultists it’s nice to not be limited to the half dozen poses available from GW, especially because with just a few extra bits it fits right in. The base model is a 3rd party Imperial Guard replacement from Target games’ Warzone. If you want some additional variety for your Guard/Cult/Genestealer Cult army, you can pick up the game for about $50 which comes w/ 80 models in about 6 poses from Prince August. Apparently you used to be able to pick up JUST the minis for about half that, but I couldn’t find it on the website… so either that deal is gone, or it is buried deeper than I care to look for five minutes.

MtC 7: Varbhor Antrix

Friday, August 18th, 2017

Varbhor Antrix never knew when to shut up. Even after taking a vow of silence he broke it in just over an hour, so he “volunteered” for a more permanent solution. Of course not being able to talk sometimes left him not being taken seriously so he picked up literally the biggest gun in the armory. While technically it is a hand held weapon that fires a projectile, it’s actually more of a man portable mortar launcher than a gun. Varbhor’s motto is “Walk softly and carry a big pipe and a bigger gun.”

It’s pretty obvious he’s practically dying to go on the next raiding party, probably because he hasn’t had a chance to fires his big ass gun yet. Any time there’s a hint of action he’s suited up and ready to go.

This is one of my first converted cultists. Blake had this big ass gun/missile launcher thing (I think it was from an Empire unit maybe?) and I knew some crazy ass cultist would have to haul this monster around.

MtC 6: Mobus Ordelax

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Mobus Ordelax is one of the few cult  members who shows any sign of psychic ability. He attributes it to a combination of his faith in Slaanesh as well as following Seanan’s colloidal silver regimen. Unfortunately for him, his ability are rather lack luster compared to an actual sorcerer. At best he can do some impressive tricks, which really isn’t the best way to risk your eternal soul, but it does tend to be quite effective at recruiting new members into the cult and winnowing out inquisitors and undesirable rabble as well as finding folk who might be sympathetic to the cause, often before they themselves realize it.

Mobus is also responsible for the consecration of the Eye of Chaos rings. These small orange amulets have 8 spikes and are guaranteed to make great deeds more likely to be noticed by Slaanesh and her minions. Or at least so Mobus claims, regardless their popularity has skyrocketed after the last sortie and Mobus is starting to get sick of making them, complaining frequently that it’s “all he’s good for anymore.”

MtC 5: Vermora Guermayra

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Vermora’s unhealthy obsession with fire has been nothing if not fanned by the rest of the cult. Really though, is their reasoning that bad? She’s already fairly expert on the subject, so who better to haul around a huge tank of Promethium to lay waste to Khaslillie and Rheatrivix’s enemies?

When she’s not cleansing the world with fire, Vermora likes long walks in the underhive, worship Slaanesh, play cards and get drunk, however her favorite pastime is training her pet Chaos Spawn Cuddles. At this time a picture of Cuddles is not available, but we are given to understand it’s about knee high, and shaped mostly like a large cat, except with soft purple cilia instead of fur, and two pairs of tentacles on it’s shoulders that can meld together into rudimentary wings. It’s face is like that of a bull, but more flattened.

Cuddles is generally consider a sign of Slaanesh’s favor towards Vermora even though it’s not particularly good in combat the rest of the cult tends to consider it kind of like a mascot, and since Vermora is the only one who Cuddles is friendly with she is generally afforded higher status in the cult than she would other wise be granted.

MtC 4: The Kyphus triplets

Friday, August 4th, 2017

The Kyphus Triplets are inseparable. They dress alike, fight alike, and talk alike. No one knows for sure if they are identical twins or not, as even during the most debauched orgies they refuse to take off their masks. Ostensibly Arxus is the oldest of the three by a few minutes and Kurron is the youngest. While they don’t claim to be telepathically linked, they frequently do that annoying twin thing where one of them (usually Kurron) starts a sentence and another (usually Arxus) finishes it. Still, the middle born Rurlan usually does the bulk of the talking even if the other two start and end the thoughts.

Recently they’ve been hoping to do a better job of garnering Slaanesh’s favor and so are eager to volunteer for any raiding party or warband which might afford them the chance to earn glory.

MtC 3: Arals Thatira

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Arals Thatira

While many in the cult have become enraptured with Seanan‘s silver supplements, Arals instead opted for the healing Power of the Atom. It’s more likely that it is the beneficence of Slaanesh that has kept him alive than a misreading of some Dark Age lore books. Arals isn’t concerned with other’s doubt, and not being the brightest he sees no issues with worshiping both Slaanesh and the Atom. It is a little unfortunate that the hideous orange tan, and slight glow makes him a bit of a target, but it is a testament to some ruinous power that despite this he still has not been struck down.

Arals claims is knife was licked clean by a Keeper of Secrets in the aftermath of a raid, but everyone who was at that battle was otherwise occupied in the post battle orgy to corroborate his story.