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Not Safe For Work Christmas Special. If plastic naughty bits offend, stop reading now!

Meet The Cultist is a weekly feature focusing on some of the least regarded members of a Warhammer 40k Chaos Army, the cultists. In the game they are cannon fodder or a distraction at best, yet I find examining the sonder of their lives interesting. While chronology isn’t particularly important, you can start at the beginning if you care about reading them in order.

I thought I’d take a break and let my creativity rest a bit for the holidays, so today we’re going to focus on Khaslillie, founder, and co-leader of Khaslillie And Reatrivix’s Awesome Fucking Band (the official name of my Emperor’s Children/Slaanesh Daemon army). Even though this is a little longer than normal, it’s actually easier since most of it has been written previously in various places.

Khaslillie is a Slaaneshii Daemon Princess. She spent a considerable amount of time in the Eye of Terror collecting forces, including several squads of Kakophoni and Palentines (I use them as Noise Marines/CSM) but whilst there she visited Mallus (The name of the Warhammer Fantasy world from before the End Times and beginning of Age of Sigmar) and recruited a Dark Elf named Rheatrivix, leader of a Cult of Slaanesh and powerful Sorceress in her own right. It recently came to light that Rheatrivix bought her way onto Khaslillie’s Desecrator class starship, Licentious Despair. While most thought it was the gold from Colossal Red‘s lair that drew Khaslillie’s attention, it was an ancient Slann artifact, the exact powers of which still haven’t been entirely discovered (partially because it doesn’t seem to work outside the Eye of Terror).

Since leaving the Eye of Terror, Khaslillie and Rheatrivix have been running amok throughout the galaxy and spreading the Good Word of Slaanesh to all who’ll listen, and sowing discord amongst those who won’t. Unlike most armies in the forty-first millennium, K&RAFB is based entirely on Khaslillie’s fleet. When they take a planet they’ll stay long enough to strip the easy pickings, throw a couple of mind bendingly awesome concerts (the first attack is usually the best concert in Slaanesh’s eyes) and then once everyone has recovered from their hangovers, and all the ships are refueled and restocked, the fleet will depart to find a new “venue”.

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