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Dael’s Adventure Part 15 (the Finale!)

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So when we left our story, 4 of the original Diviners had shed their disguises, revealing themselves to actually be flaming skulls firing lasers from their eyes, whilst the giant gears works of the tower that we were standing on had seemed to freeze in time for a brief moment. As the gears in the tower began to turn again Solei was the first to spring into action, laying into one of the flaming skulls. The newly befriended Manticore took a swipe out of another. Several of the Darkstalkers appeared and began harrying Solei and the Manticore in return, knocking out Hubert’s pet. Honch swung his hammer at one of them, knocking him off the gear with a Wilhelm Scream and then charged across the gear face, using it’s spin to gain momentum and barrel into the other Darkstalker, knocking him over as well. This one managed to catch on to the gear, but ended up having to drop away or he would have been crushed Indiana Jones style as it spun to mesh with the main one.

I laid into the skull the Manticore had taken a swipe at, batting it down with my staff, and then punching it repeatedly so that it spun so fast the flames went out and it fell down into the clockwork below. Mortia Turned Undead, sending on of the skulls fleeing. A pair of Dark Creeper arrived on the scene about this time, and I managed to take one out, but was the only one to be able to avert my gaze in time to avoid being blinded. Undeterred by his lack of sight, Honch was able to finish off the remaining one who he had be battling. Hubert healed Mortia and she healed the Manticore. In the confusion I’m not sure who laid the blow that felled the final skull, I suspect it was Vyrez, however once it was extinguished the gears froze again and we made our way to the top of the tower, as we stepped out there was some sort of dreamlike change and we found ourselves on the face of the clock, facing Darkness

Darkness gave a vitriolic monologue about how everything was anyone’s fault but her own, everyone was out to get her, and if she couldn’t have her way she’d burn the whole world down. This of course could not stand, as that’s where I keep all my things! I got the drop on her and tried hitting her with my staff, but it barely seemed to damage her, so I switched to fists and feet, but was changing stance was too slow and I wasn’t able to connect. Hubert began tossing acid at her, then she reached out and punched Vyrez and I, setting us on fire… maybe due to the dream-nature of the battle the fire didn’t actually hurt, however next time I hit hurt with my fists, it felt like I was on fire, so I switched back to the staff and trying to stun her. She teleported over to Hubert who evaded (semi-successfully) and healed Vyrez. Solei sent her shadow dog on Darkness, and began calling down Eldritch Blasts upon her. I finally managed to connect with a pressure point with the staff, stunning her long enough for Vyrez to pile in and finish her off!

At this point the clock face shattered, the pieces falling to the ground hundreds of feet below, but somehow we stayed where we were and able to make our way back inside the tower, which had resumed normal size and proportions. In fact, when we reached the streets below the city had mostly returned to normal, and the sun was just beginning to rise. Aside from Cilla and ourselves almost no one had any sort of recollection of the night. Hubert and Mortia go tthe “job” at Eight Arms. Solei and Vyrez went off with some vagrant. Honch showed me how to drink Vodka and make Borscht.

When I came to enter these last notes I was very much afraid I’d have to write everything down again, that due to the effects of the dream my notes would not have been recorded, but as opened my journal I noticed a small note in the front written in someone else’s hand. It read simply “You’re welcome. -D.” Somehow I doubt the Friar Slatebow will believe it, but hopefully the rest of my excursions in the city will be enough to satisfy the requirements of my pilgrimage.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about Dael’s adventures, and I look forward to doing more in-character writes up in the future for Dael and other adventures!

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