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February ’73

With the hiring of our Third General we’ve achieved another meaningless milestone, and the UN has begrudgingly awarded us an award.

May ’73

With all of our well earned revenue we’ve constructed several more apartment blocks throughout downtown. Many people are still choosing to live in Shantys and Shacks just because they are free. I’ve ordered them all demolished. Once people have no choice but to live in a nice apartment with air conditioning I”m sure they’ll be much happier. They just don’t know it yet.

June ’74

With all of the ugly Shacks torn down, nearly a dozen houses have had their foundations laid, and soon the area around my palace will be so much more posh. Additionally we’ve finally settled on the spot for my Mausoleum, just behind the Zoo and Schools. It will make it easier for the schools to have field trips to the future (far future) resting place of their dear leader.

December ’74

The upscaled housing for downtown is finished, and the area looks so much nicer. The area has come quite a long way since I first moved in and took over running this beautiful island.

January ’76

We’ve reached market saturation as far as media outlets go! Time to finish off all these awards and get the record for most records! Well, let’s get that Mausoleum finished first, just in case.

May ’76

A Petite Rebellion. We were able to easily put down the rebellion and assure my victory. This island shall stand as a testament to my skill, courage and leadership. Now, into my time machine for the next challenge!



  1. I can never tell what acts of megalomania are your own invention and what are the game’s own railroading, and it’s great. 🙂 Such great dark humor. What’s the deal with the rebellion, did you have to do anything to quell it?

    • One of the records (and the last one I did) was to hire some mercs to “attack” my island as 5 rebels… Defeating them would show that I was the “strongest” nation. As for quelling it, I saved it for last because until near the end I had basically no military presence. Once I was rolling in money from the other records, I rush built a bunch of Armory, Army Base, etc structures and then hired myself a military so I’d be able to deal with the rebels.

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