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Brunacus Liruxa, Brunus to his friends has been thrice blessed. Early in his career he manage to toss a grenade into a bunker where a couple of Space Marines were inspecting an Imperial Guard weapons cache. The resulting explosion obliterated all of the occupants and was pretty spectacular to boot. Brunus’s tongue grew three sizes that day, and that night during the celebration he used it to it’s fullest, earning his second boon, his magnificent horns. Brunus treats them like an art piece, painting them garish colors as the mood suites him. Further, his facility with his tongue has lead to his mouth being wired open with consecrated wire, and it’s been declared that as a shrine to Slaanesh his mouth was free use. His willing acceptance, nay embracing of his new status is likely what what lead to his third and most recent boon, one of the highest honors any cultist is likely to see, a crab like daemonette claw.

Brunus is generally considered rather dapper, wearing a silk neckerchief of one stripe or another at almost all times. Amazingly, despite the crab claw he is also an adroit sewer, and will often loot the finest textiles and clothes on raids to repair or improve the clothing and gear of the other cultists. His excellent disposition in combination with his other qualities has lead him to be a cult favorite and though he doesn’t know it, the rest of the cult do their best to keep him out of of the thickest combat during battles, feeling his talents can best serve Slaanesh outside of the battlefield.

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