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February ’65

A couple of tourist have been abducted and held hostage! How terrible. We’ll send the army in and rescue them, no tourists will be injured during my watch!


November ’65

The islands first roller coaster is finished, this should be a huge tourist draw, and hopefully will be the start of an amazing theme park.


February ’66

Election results are in, and yet again the people love me. 88% voted in my favor. I suppose i’m slipping a bit. On the bright side I’m at nearly 900k Followers, I’m quickly approaching my self set goal of a million Tweeters!


April ’66

Success! I’ll let the picture speak for itself! I wonder if those tourists were ever rescued? Oh well, I’m sure the army will manage it if they haven’t already, but I have business elsewhere; CEO Keith Preston has a lucrative contract for me on Yermo Encarnado, and I feel if I stayed much longer on this island the volcano would surely erupt. Better to leave while I’m ahead as they say in poker.

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