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January ’53

My scientists have told me they can send me back in time, though only 3 years. However thanks to this I’ll be able to take advantage of certain key world events, as long as I can make a success of myself on another island. And don’t go visit any islands where I’ve already established myself. Apparently meeting oneself from another timeline will destabilize the sub-reality infundabilium. Or something like that, I’m not super clear on the terms. However I’ve got a contract with Mr. Preston from America and I think I can make a rum up job of it, even if the settlement here is pretty sparse.

March ’53

Initial survey results are in, and the mineral wealth of this island is so abysmal it should probably be called mineral poverty. We’re going to have to create a thriving import/export business, and profit from being the middle man. Fortunately, as far as shipping lanes go, we are right in the middle. A little of the old ‘buy low, sell high’ and I should be rolling in the dough in no time. The first step is of course to build a Custom’s Office. Hopefully the workers on this island are a little more diligent.

September ’53

The Customs Office is finished and the foundations for a couple of cannaries and apartment complexes have been laid down. This should enable to us buy cheap coffee, repackage it, and then sell it at considerable markup. Perfect!

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