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Dael is a monk from The Aesthetic Order of Cluodesa, a group founded on a misspelling, or so the story goes.  As the final part of his initiation a monk must walk the world, appreciating many things, ideally that few others in the Order have experienced. Since few of the Order have visited Basingstock, this seemed the ideal location, being a fairly large city, but far enough from the monastery that most initiates instead trek to Hornshroud which has a slightly higher population, but is also much closer.

Dael had been in the city for a few months, travelling around and seeing the sights, and sampling all the city has to offer, and keeping meticulous notes in his log book. While he started in the more well to do districts, sleeping in luxury, admiring fine parks and museums, eating at the finest establishments (some of the newer ones which no Cluodesa monks had previously patronized) and having a fairly great time, as the months passed his funds rapidly diminished and he moved to the more middle class districts, sampling theater and street fare, sleeping in more common inns and boarding houses. Eventually he moved on to the lower class districts, and slums. Sampling the life and entertainments of the poor and downtrodden.

Now Dael has sampled a broad cross section of all the city has to offer, he’s decided it’s time to build up the cash for a trip out of the city and on to see some of the wilderness and areas around Basingstock, and to that end he has responded to an advertisement for employment with Eight Arms Adventuring Guild. If nothing else, his employment might take him on some adventures outside the city, where who knows what he’ll see.


  1. lol! Ascetic -> Aesthetic took me a moment; that’s hilarious. Is Cluodesa itself a misspelling of anything?

    This sounds like a fun start to the story. I see there’s a wiki; is this an established universe?

    • Cluodesa is a word I made up, my aim being to evoke the names of some traditional monastic orders w/out actually being one. The order is one I’ve been playing with for quite a few years, and pretty much anytime I play a monk they’re from this order; Dael is #3.

      Basingstock is part of my friend Highcove’s (aka DMing with Charisma) personal campaign setting that has been growing for quite a few years.

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