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October ’65

The plant a flag on Mars program is going very slow. Who knew nuclear science was so hard. I mean… that’s what we hired the scientists for right?

January ’65

With the election coming up I feel that it’s important to give a speech. I mean, I have never lost an election because I am such a great leader, but not everyone knows this so it is best to make clear what the future has in store. And this year I plan to build a Cathedral, improve relations with Russia, and continue to improve housing on the island.

May ’66

I said I’d build us a cathedral, and I will, but first I’m going to build a fabulous mall to bring luxuries to the island and improve the life of all of my constituents.

July ’67

I just received a report that 3 people died last year due to lack of proper healthcare facilities… It is a good thing then that back in February I set out plans to build a hospital.

May ’69

The hospital, mall and several new apartment buildings have been completed. Our college and high school are turning out brilliant minds so fast that half the time the halls are empty.

July ’69

Our Island now has a nuclear deterrent!  Not only that, but the amount of money we can rake in publicizing every new record we achieve is ludicrous! I’ve built two more newspapers, and we’ve got plans for another radio station and TV station in the works!

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