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March ’56

We’ve got our first Rebel, Aloise Rios! I guess we didn’t get the church built fast enough for her.

June ’56

Keith Preston, the American Investor who helped set me up here, has sprung his trap, and I need to export at least a hundred grand in the next 8 years or he’ll be able to take over operations on the island. I guess it’s time to fire my lawyer and ramp up the export business.

October ’56

This island doesn’t have a lot of natural resources, but there are some trees. So let’s cut them down, and make furniture. Genuine bespoke hand crafted by natives, artisanal  antique furniture. I’m sure the americans will eat it up. The last shipment brought in $60k, however I’ve already spent forty of that, and it’ll be many months before the next cargo ships come, I’m going to try and keep the treasury over 10k so we can get a faster turnaround on the ships when they do arrive.

Feb ’57

In addition to the new logging camp, we’ve spent a bit extra to refurbish an old colonial fort as a tourist trap. Tourism is definitely a secondary concern, but hopefully it can get us a little be more cashflow. It would be nice to only be losing a little money every money while we wait for the next cargo freighter to arrive.

June ’57

Rumours of a Pirate convention on a nearby island have been surfacing. The next time we get an export payout we’ll have to build a rum distillery and start making rum to sell them.

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