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…is there’s basically no such thing as overtime. Not that I mind working at the game store, but I do find my self more and more wishing I had more spare time. Instead I end up working extra hours at the game store. Still I find myself way more tired than I should be, and I know it’s not just the depression talking.

And as far as Sandy goes… I doubt we’ll be closed, but I can dream right? I’d love to have a weather day. Hell, I should probably just take a personal day sometime in the next couple of weeks. At least I’ve got Tuesdays half off these days.

And I still don’t have my Halloween costume solidified. I think I may try for Brian from Life of Brian. I’d need to find a white Yarmulke on fairly short notice. I suppose if all else fails I could do Jumping Jesus on a Pogo stick again (I still have one from a decade or so back).

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