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So today we had Magic Game Day … a little 13 person tournament. 4 rounds, and in the final round there arose some discussion of having a cut to top 8. Some of the people wanted this badly. Some did not. Of course the interested parties where those who would have made the top cut, and those against where those who had first place already.

I ended up declining to have a cut, since we hadn’t planned for it … and also I wanted to leave at something approaching a reasonable hour. Of course the Pathfinder game pretty much prevented that, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

For tomorrow, I am inclined to offer to do a cut to top 8, but in exchange reduce the number of rounds. That is to say if we have a dozen people tomorrow, do 3 rounds, and then a cut to top 8. That’s a total of six rounds, but the last three will be much quicker (and single elimination). 

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