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So we’re getting ready to move to a new email provider which means it’s time to clean out my mailbox. That’s a thing that I love about Gmail… I don’t have to delete email … I just hit Archive and if I ever need it again it’s there. Just have to know what to search for.

On the otherhand, I’ve already deleted over 4 years worth of emails … I’m up to 2008 and I still have about 6k messages to go through. That’s about 4 messages a day. Which I suppose isn’t so bad… except that I know that majority of the messages are more recent … that is to say that by the time I’ve deleted all the messages from ‘8 and ‘9 I’ll probably still have 4 or 5k messages, and it’ll be more like 5-6 messages a day.

It makes my brain hurt, but there are definitely some messages in there I want to keep.

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