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So sometimes when I’m gaming I really enjoy a game with a ridiculous difficulty level. I’m a sucker for Dwarf Fortress, FTL and I’m loving the new X-Com. On a similar vein I don’t win a whole lot of games of 7 Wonders so I still can’t get enough of that. I guess I don’t know why I like the ridiculous curve though. I do enjoy simple games on occasion. Sometimes there is little I like more than playing through a Sudoku on the easiest setting, or playing some dumb casual game on Kongregate that requires no thought or effort to master.

Anyways I just ran into the new version of the Ethereals, and I think I’ve now encountered the new version of every monster … I feel like there are a couple missing, but I suspect I’m getting close to the end of my first play through. This last mission I lost 3 guys on. A couple of which where my only psychers. I’m going to have to hire a lot of rookies and maybe build a second psi-lab.

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