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Dael’s Adventure Part 4

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After conferring with Cilla at the Eight Arms offices, we reconvened at our new defensive Headquarters, the estate of Killian Shae. There we discovered (from Killian) that all of the help had gone missing, and Cilla explained a little about why the black good had her and Killian so worried. Specifically there had been a war between Light, Shadow with the city of Basingstock right in the middle. Honestly it was a little confusing but as far as I understand it the Light faction was trying to create a light plain* since there was already a shadow plain, but somehow doing that would destroy the world because Basingstock already had a light plain? Basically people from Shadow were attacking, and some of them were bad, but the light people were doing a dumb thing and once the founders of the Eight Arms explained things the light people were very very sorry.

*Editors note: Dael is confused because he doesn’t understand Planer Cosmology.

We split up again to search the house, this time I paired up with Vyrez, hoping to ask him some questions. I guess I was a little bit indelicate, though it could also be that he just doesn’t like talking, but apparently he devoted himself to Pharasma and without irony adopted a stance of detestation of undead, even though apparently he was already undead at the time he did so. I guess I’ll have to be more tactful next time I get a chance to talk to him, as that was about all I could garner whilst we searched the servants quarters.

Honch and Hubert searched the kitchens and also found nothing. However Mortia and Solei figured out that anyone who went to bed disappeared. We were about to go search for Killian, as he’d proclaimed he was going to bed just before we split up, but before we could, we were ambushed! I’d never seen an actual goblin before, and hadn’t quite believed the description of how wider their mouths were, but seeing them in person was quite an experience!  Their mad cackling and the way they threw themselves into the fray without concern for self-preservation was kind of disheartening. Fortunately for us most of them were fairly tiny, and a bop or two on the head would knock them out. Their maniacal shaman took a bit of effort, and I later learned there was a berserker at the top of the stairs that kept most of the party busy while Vyrez and I dealt with the rest. We had just barely gotten the situation under control when fire started spreading; at first I thought the goblins had started it, as they are known for their pyromania, but once we had defeated them and escaped the building we discovered the truth.

Outside were 5 emo looking ne’er do wells. Dressed in black, dour expressions, too much makeup and mostly in monochrome, the leader who we would later find was imaginatively named Darkness (hold on they’ve got a theme, which I’ll get to in good time) was chuckling maliciously. They demanded to speak with the various leaders of the eight arms, finally settling on tasking us with finding a corpse. They did go on to explain that their group was called the Diviners, the other four were Desire, Despair, Doldrums and Dread and that they were Oneironaughts which i guess is Dream Travelers? And slightly explains why they all picked named which began with D. Further apparently we are now in a dream version of Basingstock, and if we go to sleep before we find this corpse for them we’ll be trapped in the dream forever?

After talking with Cilla it’s apparent that a licensed necromancer by the name of Sammael was the last one in possession of the corpse, which I guess makes sense, but unfortunately he’s no where near Basingstock, possibly on some other plain. So we’ve set up shop in the estate of the head of the Baker’s Guild, hoping that since she’s generally well liked, no one will be having evil dreams about her. And I guess the next order of business is to figure out how to escape?!

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