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March ’54

Progress is slow, but the second cannery is done. A new dock has been started, to allow for more traffic, the previous one just won’t be able to support the amount of incoming and outgoing cargo that we anticipate. Housing is lagging behind a bit, but hopefully we can get the the contracts on the new apartment blocks facilitated… just might have to grease some palms or relax some safety regulations. I mean really, a nice apartment is surely going to be safer than some rickety shack so it’ll be an improvement overall.


December ’54

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve spent a huge amount to bring electricity to the dock front. Primarily this was to enable flash freezing of the coffee, however surely AC in the apartments will make all of the workers happy!

March ’55

I need some cake and circuses or whatever the phrase is. One of our residents has started a protest because she was bored. I mean, there’s plenty of work to do, and we’re currently operating at a deficit after spending way too much to bring electricity to the apartment complexes. I guess we’ll have to build some sort of entertainment for the locals. I wish they would just work all the time when they weren’t sleeping.

August ’55

It’s taken nearly five months, but we’ve finally gotten paid for the latest Coffee export, at $37k we’re not only back in the back, but primed to build some primo entertainment facilities to keep my populace mollified.

November ’55

And we’re broke again, I really need to reign in my spending, but there’s so much we need. A Childhood Museum to entertain and enlighten, a Casino (rush built) to bring in a little more money, and a Clinic and Church. The sad truth is that month to month we have to operate at a deficit, though the frequent shipments more than make up for it, I really need to keep a few dollars put by for day to day operations of the island.

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