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MtC 10: Logore Fesryn

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Logore Fesryn likes long hikes in desolated wastelands, the sound of shattering glass, romance novels, and clipping off the limbs of his enemies. Another collector, Logore discovered a small cache of novels by D. Oswald Heist while his raiding party was stranded on a murder world deep in the eye of terror. It was also there that he received his boon from Slaanesh in the form of a tremendously strong claw that mutated and formed as he carried the box of books back to the ship.

He has staunchly accepted that the chances of finding any more of Heist’s novels is exceedingly slim, since the text is illegible unless there is some kind of warp activity nearby. Logore claims that this is a sign that the books are from an entirely other universe, but it doesn’t dissuade him from hanging around Mobus when he is consecrating talismans for the chance to read a chapter or two. He’s also quick to volunteer for any mission which might have a chance of bringing him into proximity of warp-rift activity.

Another “Target” body with GW bits for head and arms. Standing in a crowd of other cultists you’d probably have no idea it wasn’t GW w/out looking closely.

Let’s Play: Tropico 4: Pt VIII

Monday, September 4th, 2017

October ’62

The tourists’ habit of throwing their trash anywhere has lead to some bad habits from our beloved natives. As such we’ve built a dump on the outskirts of town. There were a few complaints from some of the residents of the nearby apartment complex, but we assured them that this is the most modern of dumps, with recycling and trash incineration and the smell should be very minimal. Plus we offered them reduced rent for several months!


June ’63

The newly finished cathedral should help with the bishop’s complaints that there isn’t enough space to worship on the Island. Now we just have to hire someone to run it and then wait for them to show up on one of the boats. Really it would be nice if there was a way to promote our highschool and then build a college so we didn’t have to “import” college graduates and could instead hire natives for all of these vital tasks.

May ’64

It’s taken a while but the housing situation seems to be finally coming together. There are still a few dozen people living in shacks, but there are no more homeless! And no, I didn’t just have them shot.  Wages have been increased across the board and rent prices have been kept low. The amount to be made from rich tourists is astronomical so there is no reason to stint on quality of life for my people. A new Luxury hotel is nearly complete which is the first step in wooing famous world leaders which will likely prompt even more tourism.

September ’64

My cabinet acquired some … compromising photos of a certain US senator. In exchange for them disappearing a small contribution to my retirement fund has been anonymously made. Everybody wins. And no, we won’t be posting those picture here.

January ’65

One of the small number of malcontents and terrorists on the island was wanted by the US. We did our best to extradite him, but apparently he escaped their grasp and is now blaming our wonderful island and threatening revenge.

MtC 9: Anram Lutrius

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Anram Lutrius also follows Seanan’s silver routine, though it had the unfortunate side effect of turning his hair bluish black as well… However, being rather proud of his fiery yellow hair he’s taken great pains to redye it to it’s original color. Another big gun fanatic, Anram makes up for his lack of precision with volume of fire. In his spare time he likes to collect Xenos ID trading cards. It’s not entirely clear if these cards were actually put out by the Regimental Standard, or some shady knockoff (the truth is probably somewhere in between, but any raid against Imperial Guard will have Anram volunteering in the hopes that he’ll find some more cards whilst looting the bodies.

Several other cultists have created a game, wherein the goal is to feign interest in Anram’s card collection for as long as possible without laughing, crying. And to help keep the game alive, if Anram figures out that you are having fun at his expense you have to forfeit double your wager. Currently Vermora holds the record at nearly 137 minutes, which she achieved by solemnly declaring what methods she would utilize to burn each Xenos as Anram showed her it’s card.