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Anram Lutrius also follows Seanan’s silver routine, though it had the unfortunate side effect of turning his hair bluish black as well… However, being rather proud of his fiery yellow hair he’s taken great pains to redye it to it’s original color. Another big gun fanatic, Anram makes up for his lack of precision with volume of fire. In his spare time he likes to collect Xenos ID trading cards. It’s not entirely clear if these cards were actually put out by the Regimental Standard, or some shady knockoff (the truth is probably somewhere in between, but any raid against Imperial Guard will have Anram volunteering in the hopes that he’ll find some more cards whilst looting the bodies.

Several other cultists have created a game, wherein the goal is to feign interest in Anram’s card collection for as long as possible without laughing, crying. And to help keep the game alive, if Anram figures out that you are having fun at his expense you have to forfeit double your wager. Currently Vermora holds the record at nearly 137 minutes, which she achieved by solemnly declaring what methods she would utilize to burn each Xenos as Anram showed her it’s card.

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