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We left off Mid-Winter, and what better way to start than with a possession. Fikod Cattenngotol, our Bone Carver has become possessed! He’s created a fantastic Toy Boat. We have solved the mystery of the starving animals though! Turns out Pastures can be set to Active or Inactive. The latter is not useful. Also Caravans won’t drive over traps. We’ve knocked down some of the northern wall, and put in a drawbridge that can be raised and lowered for Trade Caravans and will block  that entrance the rest of the time. The other drawbridge is heavily trapped, just the way we like it.

Now that we have an Anvil plans have been laid for a grand Magma Workshop. Soon all of our wood can be turned to charcoal and ash for making steel and glazing pots! Making bins and beds! And migrants have arrived, literally doubling our number! They must have heard tell of our fabulous workshop! He you can see magma pouring into the area we’ve channeled out to power everything!


Soon, all kinds of dwarfiness can begin! Once magma levels get high enough we can begin installing all for Magma workshops and then it’s just a matter of finding some iron rich ore.

What is spring without a mysterious construction? Domas Lularrimtar our Jeweler has been struck by a few mood. Hopefully he’ll come up with something cooler than a toy boat or millstone. And in fact, he’s created Ulolmed, a perfect amethyst! Surely we can build a gold table to encrust that on or something.

We dug deep in the hopes of finding some sand to create a glass industry to no avail. And then we got so busy blocking off the entrances to the cavern that we totally missed trading with the elfs. They’re stinky anyways.


  1. Yay lava power-grid đŸ˜€
    Waiiit what? Caravans won’t drive over traps any more? O_O Man, I’m out of date with DF version history, then. When did they add that? That changes things a lot. I’d have to redo most of my designs.

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