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So I’ve kind of let this blog slide into oblivion… I’ve been way too busy lately, and I’ve been cherishing what little spare time I’ve had. I’m still pretty busy, so I doubt I’m going to keep up with the blog much, however I have started a succession game of Dwarf Fortress, and I realized how much I missed playing the game, so now that my turn is over, I’m starting a game for myself. I’m going to keep a bit of a log of the game here, for my own amusement, and so I can keep track of where I am. As usual chances are life will get busy and I’ll have to leave the game hanging at times for long enough to forget what I’m doing.

Anyway, here’s a snapshot of the embark site. I’ve got a river, and a volcano (there’s magma there, it’s just 3-4 levels down. There are 3 spires of this mountain  which will end up either hollowed out or totally leveled. We couldn’t find an Iron anvil, and couldn’t afford a steel one, so this is going to be a fairly exciting embark. I’ll have to entreat every caravan to bring all of the anvils possible.


We’ve set up temporary camp in the little defilade created by the bulk of the volcano and the 3 spires. This should be fairly easy to make defensible once we’ve got things going. The inside of the northern spire will be our initial fort, and we’ve got that cleared out, and a few farm plots set up as well as a dozen haphazardly placed workshops. Food storage is inside now, and we’ll get shortly get a level JUST for storage. A trade depot is deployed, wood has been chopped and turned into beds, bins, barrels, wheelbarrows and such. We’ve got some nice stocks of booze and food.


Nine migrants have arrived. The fort continues to expand, a grand housing scheme is being developed. The first floor of the northern spire is half dug out as well. Many of our goods have been moved inside, and an eye has been turned towards fortifications. Mostly summer was a breeze.


Autumn is here, and with it comes another seven dwarves. Craft production can start in earnest, we need to be prepared to buy the first Anvil that comes along, little else matters. The rumblings of the volcano warm the thoughts of all of us at night. Led Ablelsod  has withdrawn from society to work on some mysterious construction. She won’t tell us what it is, but refuses to let anyone into the Mason’s workshop she’s taken over.

sexy dwarf girl


The first caravan has arrived, and while they bring many wonderful and useful things, they have brought the one thing we need above all else, an anvil. Now here’s some excitement, a kobold thief has fallen into the pit our drawbridge rests over, and he can’t get out. Unfortunately, he can still scare the dwarves trying to cross over, causing job cancellations. I guess I need a militia, even if it’s just one dwarf with a crossbow. On second thought, that’ll take to long. Instead we raised the drawbridge long enough for it to scramble out, and then dropped it again, and the caravan filled the kobold full of bolts. And on that note I’ll leave you with this wonderful picture of a sexy dwarf lady. Enjoy!



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  1. Oh yay, a new post finally! I’ve been watching 😉

    This is a cool map with those 4 odd structures. Is the northernmost one the volcano? I’m excited for a DF post and looking forward to seeing where you go with this unique map!

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