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June 5, 2015

The situation remains nominal. Most of the money we’ve been allocated has been applied to increasing the facilities, the slow portion of which is digging out the space, since our entire base is below ground.

June 15

Expansion continues apace, but a terror site has been launched in Port Said, Egypt. Since this will likely be an extremely difficult mission, we’re going to send our most experienced soldiers. Will will lead James, Billy, Kevin, Joanna and Laura H. on this one.

The squad has barely taken up positions before Will’s battle scanner lights up 3 Chryssalids, the monstrosities that took Zombified Adam.  As they move up to attack civilians the entire squad unloads on them, and while a couple of hits are scored they’re largely unharmed by the reaction fire. The squad begins taking a tactical view and Kevin put a couple of rounds into the closest one, barely scratching it, James puts a few more rounds into the same one, but these things are tough. Joanna unloads her clip but fails to connect. Laura moves up and finishes off the first one. Billy directs a civilian to safety, but in the process loses his shot on one of the other Chryssalids. However it runs out into Will’s crosshairs and he takes it down with a reaction shot. The third moves to the roof and kills a civilian, likely meaning we’ll have a zombie problem shortly. Meanwhile the battle scanner has pulled up some kind of drone coming around the back of the building.

Kevin and James combine fine on the one on the roof, with James claiming the kill shot, but it’s pretty half-hearted, these things are scary enough everyone is just happy it’s dead regardless of who scores the frag. The rest of the squad takes a moment to reload while Will covers everyone. James moves up and flushes two more Chryssalids. Laura, Joanna, and Billy all unload on it. James chooses the wiser course of action and flees while Will drops it. However there’s still another inside the building. Again concentrated fire from half the squad is required to put it down, with Will taking the kill shot. Joanna unloads her second clip into a zombie that shambles out of the building… apparently the Chryssalids had already been busy.


In Pete’s Name! James moves to cover to drop the zombie and spots another trio of Chryssalids! The squad unloads on the closest of the three, except Laura who puts a hurting on the zombie, but fails to take it out. Billy is now prime contender for MVP this mission, as the zombie approaches his position (James and Kevin are right nearby) he drops it, and then second later, the wounded Chryssalid charges up, and he drops it as well with the last bullet from his clip, and mere seconds before it sank it’s fangs into Kevin. Billy and Joanna take out another Zombie, however 2 more Chryssalids and another Zombie are coming up from the East and the squad just can’t bring enough firepower to bear. And things are worse, there are actually 3 Zombies. Well were, Laura puts a rocket in the side of the building taking out two, and injuring a third!

A brief moment of hilarity! A zombie does a triple flip as it drops off the roof. Sadly, the fall doesn’t injure it at all, though it does give the squad plenty of time to fill it with lead before it can get close.

As the squad moves around to the East, one of  the drones we briefly spotted before finally shows up and a few shots are scored on it, but it is terribly strong. Several squad members unload on it, and as usual Will claims the kill shot, this time with a critical that causes the disc to explode.

9 civilians died, but none of the squad was even injured. Excellent!

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  1. Wow, nice job Billy. Thanks man o_o;
    And, awesome shot, Laura XD what weapon is she carrying? That thing comes in handy.

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