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June 1, 2015


Only 1 UFO escape this month. Panic levels are falling throughout the world, as we seem to have the threat well in hand. We do only have satellite coverage over 1/3rd of the world, but we’re making good progress on that front.

A UFO has been shot down off the coast of Japan. It is a fairly small one, so this may be an opportunity to train a few of our newer recruits! Will will be leading as usual, and James will be coming along as he’s our best medic! This will be the first mission for Blake, Conrad, Ryland and Krystal.

The squad has barely disembarked and taken cover before a pair of Floaters moves into view. Ryland takes a quick shot but it goes wide, but he moves around the truck he was hiding behind and takes another shot, this time finishing the x-ray off. The other one had moved out of sight, but Will drops a battle scanner in the general area and James moves up, however the range is still pretty extreme and it manages to dodge behind some trees. Krystal also lays down some fire, but to no avail. Ryland spots his opening as it moves through the trees and drops it, claiming a second kill.

Blake, moving to the flank discovers the alien ship to the East, and a pair of Sectoids come out to play, though not before he grabs some cover. Since he’s a little far from the rest of the squad James drops a smoke grenade to hopefully give the rest time to catch up without having to entirely abnegate cover.

Bad news. The aliens aren’t Sectoids, but something much more frighten
ing. Using some sort of psychic power they have mind controlled Blake. Krystal panics and fires at him, but misses. Let’s hope if we take out the aliens Blake will return to his senses!  The squad ignores Blake and and fires on the one alien that can be seen, but everyone except Will miss, and even his shot doesn’t put it down. Then things get worse, Ryland falls to the influence of the second alien and Conrad panics, moving to better cover and injuring no one thankfully.

Krystal moves up and empties her clip into the closer of the aliens, and Will finishes it off. Ryland comes to his senses, leaving James with the only chance to save Blake! As he moves up to try and take out the alien it fires on him, hitting him, but the new carapace armor absorbs the brunt of the damage! He gets a critical hit, but the alien doesn’t go down. Ryland claims that he’s “Fine now, I’m fine!” as he reloads. Blake, still under alien control, seems to be acting as a scout rather than trying to kill anyone, as he moves closer and is therefore unable to fire his sniper rifle.


Ryland charges forward and tries to take out the remaining x-ray but misses. The alien returns fire, and compels Blake to do the same. Fortunately this armor is actually pretty excellent, and though severely wounded, Ryland remains standing. Will says “Enough!” and puts the remaining advanced sectoid down with a single well aimed bullet. Blake returns to his senses, moves up and begins bandaging himself up, though exactly what wounds he took from the psychic assault isn’t immediately clear.  Ryland moves near to James who then patches him up as well. Krystal and Conrad cover the entrance to the downed ship while the rest of the squad regroups and heals up.

Everyone is basically bandaged up, reloaded but not quite ready to go when Blake heads into the UFO wreck, flushing a pair of the armored Mutons. Ryland moves up and tries to set up a firing line. One takes a shot at Blake, and the other drops a grenade right between the two of them. James moves up and wings one of the Mutons. Krystal drops a rocket on them, but while it goes wide, it does take out a wall giving Blake a shot and he takes out the Muton James hit. Conrad  and Will both pull their pistols and try and take out the remaining one, but fail to connect. Ryland grabs some cover, but misses as well.  The Muton fires on Blake, and fortunately misses as well. Their plasma rifles look to be much heavier than those carried by the Floaters and Sectoids.  Blake and James both tag the remaining Muton, Conrad misses and Ryland moves around the corner and finishes it off!

A successful mission, if rather daunting. Will has been promoted to Colonel, and Blake and Ryland are both injured, but should recover. However I’d like to take a moment to recognize those who have given all for the cause:

Memorial Wall:

Lt. Wendy ‘Stacks’: 13 Kills; 8 Missions; KIA 5/9/2015

Lt. Adam ‘Socks’: 4 Kills; 3 Missions; KIA 5/27/2015

Sq. Caitlin: 3 Kills; 3 Missions; KIA 4/23/2015

Rk. Dave: 0 kills, 1 Mission; KIA 3/2/2015

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