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It’s the summer of the second year, and more dwarves have arrived, bringing our fort to nearly 60 hearty folk. If it wasn’t for Dwarf Therapist there’s no way I could manage so many dwarves, as it is, I still end up finding busy-work for many of them. Once the massive stone dumping project is done, I think it’ll be time to set up a militia. Something I’m rarely good at. Sadly I haven’t found much in the way of metal ores on this embark, so it looks like


everyone is going to be wearing zinc armor, except of course, that’s not an option.

A caravan has arrived, maybe we can trade for some metal… of course there’s a bit of problem, we raised the bridge just a smidge too soon, and one of the caravans is trapped half on. I have a feeling we’ll experience some FUN when we lower it. … and yeah, it destroyed the caravan. Maybe the humans won’t come back next year? Oh well, I guess we get all of their stuff for free!

More migrants have arrived. A fine meeting hall has been designed, marred only slightly by the lack of chairs, at least we have an artifact table to look at. Soon chairs will be created and it will be much more awesome a place. Maybe some statues?

DEVELOPMENT! The Forgotten Beast Kul has come! A huge humanoid composed of ice. It has three broad horns and it undulates rhythmically. Beware it’s webs! … Well then, good thing we walled off the deeps. Maybe we can pour magma on it at some point?

Another caravan has arrived, perhaps this time I can avoid screwing it up. I’ve certainly got enough trade goods at this point that I should be able to trade for everything they have and more. Meanwhile my metalcrafter has been taken by a fey mood. Mayhaps he’ll make me a Zinc Anvil or some such nonsense! And our metalsmith has made an amazing Zinc ring. I guess I’ll put him to work making Zinc Trinkets. Zinkets? Maybe we can sell them to traders, there’s certainly enough sphalerite around I should be able to smelt Zinc forever.

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