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Today’s Hobby: Played a demo game of Shatterpoint, and set up this blog to also post to Discord, Instagram, and other social media.

So a few years back I started doing #HobbyStreak thanks to a @Dana_howl video, as a way to try and get through my hobby backlog. Basically, every day I do “some” hobby. Paint or Assemble 1 model, or maybe a bunch. The key was to do SOMETHING. I’ve missed a few days along the way but not many. Some might claim it’s not really a streak but I don’t care. In fact, I care less, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Here are my cats to test.

The Tree Races, everyone on your marks!

That’s right, the blog is back baby. At least briefly. See, I want to do some testing in Timberborn, and a key aspect of science is writing it down.

For starters, we’ve got the Tree Races. Left to their own devices, trees will sprout new saplings. I want to see if there’s a difference in frequency, and also if saplings will change elevation as well. And actualy this whole map is for testing (you can see a bit of the evaporation timing ponds in the back right.

Now that Iradrüll has achieved Exalted Daemonhood, all that’s left is to achieve is freeing Slaanesh. She’s assembled a mighty force of Daemon Princesses and Keepers of Secrets, however ultimately what she needs is mortal worshipers. A dozen warp entities can’t be everywhere, so she’s collected her most exalted champions to achieve a feat that will put a spark in the hearts of mortals throughout the realms. As an added bonus cooperating with armies from the other four grand alliances can only only plant seeds of interest in the hearts of mortals throughout the realms. Here then is a record for the scribes of the great and beautiful forces who will be brought to bear in the great battle to defeat Red.

A’vagarnur: This fiery haired Keeper of Secrets is one of the most “well known” Keepers, being content to present herself in front or mortals, her perfect brown skin being temptation enough to draw them towards Slaanesh’s embrace before disappearing back into the warp. While most mortals who have seen her are sure that she has told them some supremely important secret, her thick drawl leaves them unable to elucidate what it was, and as desirous as ever of seeking out the answer.

Eaddil’ammur: This pink tinted Keeper of Secrets is probably the most cunning of Iradrüll’s host. She is responsible for numerous innovations in the mortal followers she’s inspired, including the devastating seeker chariots. Most would be surprised to know she was largely responsible for developing Scrolls of Denial, especially now that the “denial” spell is pretty much requisite for any wizard.

Aernel Ivley: This Blue Skinned Keeper of Secrets, like many Slaaneshii Daemons, has mutable sex characteristics but even more disturbing can store the seed and eggs(you don’t want to know the details) of mortals she copulates with within erself, later combining them and birthing these new … creations; many spawn are born from Aernel, but many creatures of perfection as well.

Mureenas Rtus: Mureenas believes that the other alliances (Order, Death and Destruction) can’t be beaten individually and has worked to bring concord amongst the factions of chaos as weird as that sounds. Her empathy in these matters has lead to several great powers offering obeisance to Slaanesh over their previously preferred ruinous powers.

Lysha Naph: This Daemon Princess has enough breasts to make the triple breasted whore of Eroticon Six feel ashamed. Yet her network of devotees who whisper secrets to her in their nightly prayers is so extensive that she is one of the most informative Daemon’s in Iradrüll’s host.

Maerkari: {Nurgle} One of several Daemon’s whose allegiance is split, Maerkari’s experimentation with warpstone has lead to some stunning results. Whether the results are more diseases or less is hard to tell, but ultimately the afflicted aren’t suffering so even if Nurgle and Slaanesh are working together, who is to complain?

Maeren’neeg: {Khorne} One of several Daemon’s whose allegiance is split, she probably has the hardest time reconciling her devotion to Khorne and Slaanesh. Her ability to grant boons to mortals however is unsurpassed, sometimes even allowing them to meld with Steeds. Her followers are fearsome in combat, and excel above all others.

Zimoon’ebovay: {Tzeentch} One of several Daemon’s whose allegiance is split, her concerns towards equality largely go unregarded in the wartorn realms yet her devotees are those most likely to have their ears or fingers involved in any Rubicons that other factions are working towards.

Khaslillie: The instigator of Khaslillie and Rheatravix’s Awesome Fucking Band, at Iradrüll’s request she’s returned to the Eye of terror for a “reunion tour”. What could go wrong?

Dael’s Adventure Part 15 (the Finale!)

Start from the beginning

So when we left our story, 4 of the original Diviners had shed their disguises, revealing themselves to actually be flaming skulls firing lasers from their eyes, whilst the giant gears works of the tower that we were standing on had seemed to freeze in time for a brief moment. As the gears in the tower began to turn again Solei was the first to spring into action, laying into one of the flaming skulls. The newly befriended Manticore took a swipe out of another. Several of the Darkstalkers appeared and began harrying Solei and the Manticore in return, knocking out Hubert’s pet. Honch swung his hammer at one of them, knocking him off the gear with a Wilhelm Scream and then charged across the gear face, using it’s spin to gain momentum and barrel into the other Darkstalker, knocking him over as well. This one managed to catch on to the gear, but ended up having to drop away or he would have been crushed Indiana Jones style as it spun to mesh with the main one.

I laid into the skull the Manticore had taken a swipe at, batting it down with my staff, and then punching it repeatedly so that it spun so fast the flames went out and it fell down into the clockwork below. Mortia Turned Undead, sending on of the skulls fleeing. A pair of Dark Creeper arrived on the scene about this time, and I managed to take one out, but was the only one to be able to avert my gaze in time to avoid being blinded. Undeterred by his lack of sight, Honch was able to finish off the remaining one who he had be battling. Hubert healed Mortia and she healed the Manticore. In the confusion I’m not sure who laid the blow that felled the final skull, I suspect it was Vyrez, however once it was extinguished the gears froze again and we made our way to the top of the tower, as we stepped out there was some sort of dreamlike change and we found ourselves on the face of the clock, facing Darkness

Darkness gave a vitriolic monologue about how everything was anyone’s fault but her own, everyone was out to get her, and if she couldn’t have her way she’d burn the whole world down. This of course could not stand, as that’s where I keep all my things! I got the drop on her and tried hitting her with my staff, but it barely seemed to damage her, so I switched to fists and feet, but was changing stance was too slow and I wasn’t able to connect. Hubert began tossing acid at her, then she reached out and punched Vyrez and I, setting us on fire… maybe due to the dream-nature of the battle the fire didn’t actually hurt, however next time I hit hurt with my fists, it felt like I was on fire, so I switched back to the staff and trying to stun her. She teleported over to Hubert who evaded (semi-successfully) and healed Vyrez. Solei sent her shadow dog on Darkness, and began calling down Eldritch Blasts upon her. I finally managed to connect with a pressure point with the staff, stunning her long enough for Vyrez to pile in and finish her off!

At this point the clock face shattered, the pieces falling to the ground hundreds of feet below, but somehow we stayed where we were and able to make our way back inside the tower, which had resumed normal size and proportions. In fact, when we reached the streets below the city had mostly returned to normal, and the sun was just beginning to rise. Aside from Cilla and ourselves almost no one had any sort of recollection of the night. Hubert and Mortia go tthe “job” at Eight Arms. Solei and Vyrez went off with some vagrant. Honch showed me how to drink Vodka and make Borscht.

When I came to enter these last notes I was very much afraid I’d have to write everything down again, that due to the effects of the dream my notes would not have been recorded, but as opened my journal I noticed a small note in the front written in someone else’s hand. It read simply “You’re welcome. -D.” Somehow I doubt the Friar Slatebow will believe it, but hopefully the rest of my excursions in the city will be enough to satisfy the requirements of my pilgrimage.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about Dael’s adventures, and I look forward to doing more in-character writes up in the future for Dael and other adventures!

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Meet The Cultist is a weekly feature focusing on some of the least regarded members of a Warhammer 40k Chaos Army, the cultists. In the game they are cannon fodder or a distraction at best, yet I find examining the sonder of their lives interesting. While chronology isn’t particularly important, you can start at the beginning if you care about reading them in order.

Kaduk likes obscure and foreign music. If he can’t understand the words he isn’t bothered at all. Because of the fractured nature of the galaxy Kaduk has ended up collecting media players in addition to any tapes, disk, crystals, ‘cubes or even more obscure recording media. All his time spent repairing the devices so he can listen to his weird ass music has taught him a thing or to about electronics and he’s often brought broken archeotech by the rest of the cult to repair.

His other obsession is birds, or really, any flighted beast. His current gag is due to a recent incident where the morning after a particularly brutal revelry, while most everyone was nursing a hangover of one sort or another, Kudak spotted a rare owl-like creature, and began hooting up a storm trying to entice it close enough to capture.

Dael’s Adventure Part 14

Start from the beginning

Here is a map of the Ziggurat as a visual aid. Every other round the water raised 5 feet, slowly flooding the area. The party started in the large blue squares, Doldrums in the center black square, and the Hexer, Protector, Shadowcaster and Reaper in the other four black squares.

Map of the Ziggurat

Ziggurat of Doldrums

Did I mention that the Ziggurat had 4 spires, one at each corner, and on these spires four minions. Solei and I were a bit separated from the rest of the party. We started in the NW, while everyone else was to the south. I spotted a hexer and rushed towards her, knowing full well the havoc casters can cause, however I was unable to reach her before she could cast a spell at me.  I’ve seen this one before, and steeled myself for an uncontrollable laughing fit, but the joke she chose to empower the spell with was one I’d heard before, so I was able to “kill” it by explaining how the original Elven version was better. It was about a thief who fell from the 4th story stairway, and the guards mentioned that it was his last theft, however in Elven ‘flight’ (as in flight of stairs) and theft sound nearly identical so it was a funny because of word play. However by this time I’d closed and she decided that gravity was safer than me and did her best impression of the thief, stepping off the side of platform. I swiftly slid down after and gave her a few thumps with my staff.

Meanwhile Solei climbed towards the other baddie on the nearby spire and Vyrez and company faced off against a Reaper and Shadowcaster. I did my best to climb up to the next level to the south, but I’m fairly certain everyone was to busy to see my first attempt fail disastrously. On my second try rather then going for climbing, I jumped off the back wall and then up. Did I mention that the water was steadily rising? By this point the lowest level of the ziggurat was completely flooded. Climbing the tower was tiring work, but I did make my way up to were Doldrums had been directing the battle. She was a worthy opponent, and was able to deflect many of my blows that would otherwise have connected. Solei was doing well against the protector until Doldrums called on the water to push her away. Vyrez, Hubert and Mortia were having some difficulty with the other two. Vyrez managed to get up a level but the other two were stuck treading water.

The Protector was trying to protect Doldrums, but he should have tried to protect himself. A few blows to unprotected pressure points left him paralyzed on the ground and I was able to get in send a dozen blows reigns upon Doldrums, a few of which even connected. Solei meanwhile had Misty Stepped back, though she overstepped a little and ended up in the water. Mortia who had been enwrapped by watery tentacles managed to break free. Doldrums shadow jaunted away from me again, forcing me to leap back and forth around the ziggurat in a most unbecoming manner (jumping has never been my strong suite).

Hubert was surrounded but cast some sort of protective magic making it difficult for the Reaper and Shadowcrafter to even attempt to attack him. I found out at this point that there were elemental sharks in the water, I managed to dodge and grab onto one, though once it realized it was pulling me where I wanted to go it dispersed. However it was enough that I could make it up the Northwest spire again and close with Doldrums, again landing fewer blows than I should. Now Vyrez was entangled by the water tentacles, and threatened by the Reaper, so when yet again Doldrums Shadow Jaunted away from me, I made the much shorter trip back and finished off the Reaper. During all of this Solei had achieved the central summit and began flinging magical bolts at Doldrums, finally finishing her off.

The water and ziggurat receded, and in it’s wake the entire Red Light district was revealed to be gone. Worse, the rest of the city was on fire. The smell was disturbingly delicious. As we made our way towards the clock tower Hubert discovered the Manticore, which apparently got wounded sometime in the interim since we last saw it. He was able to heal it some and gain it’s trust, though it’s wings will probably take some serious magic to be fully healed. Once we got closer to the clock tower, we tried to disguise ourselves as “on fire” people… and while I knew the plan wouldn’t work, I didn’t want to say it was because I had doubts about most of their acting ability. It turns out my hunch was born out, as only Solei and myself went unnoticed, and the others where ushered inside by the guards.  Solei and I then decided to try and sneak in, there were a couple of the exploding ninjas and Solei tried to convince them that we should be on the other side of the door, while behind their backs I picked the lock and strolled inside.  The two guards “escorted” us inside … though really they were just following us. It was at this point that the four Diviners we’d defeated appeared, though something wasn’t quite right. When their mouths opened their heads split open, and fire began spewing forth it was obvious. In seconds as we sought cover, the rest of their bodies melted, leaving only a flying flaming skulls (well 4 of them!)

January ’55

A new trip, a new island. Surely this time I’ll create the perfect utopia. I think I’ll start with a little bit of tourism to get things going, and then we can really start to make some money!

July ’55

The tourist dock, and our first hotel are finished. Let’s hope we can attract some wealthy tourists, as the treasury is already practically empty.

September ’55

Our decision to pursue tourism has apparently angered the communists. I suppose things are going to get interesting.

May ’56

Our first batch of tourists have arrived. Only tourists would go to the effort of going to a foreign island only to spend time at the local pool. Hopefully Penultimo can convince the Communists that the tourism thing is all a front of some kind.

Meet The Cultist is a weekly feature focusing on some of the least regarded members of a Warhammer 40k Chaos Army, the cultists. In the game they are cannon fodder or a distraction at best, yet I find examining the sonder of their lives interesting. While chronology isn’t particularly important, you can start at the beginning if you care about reading them in order.

Lugax’s passion is being not just average, but super average. If you pick any one thing someone else in the cult will be better at it then him. However if you pick any skill, any obsession, even with his average abilities across the board he’s probably better than a randomly picked other cultist. He can sing, but isn’t fantastic at it. He’s a pretty good shot with a pistol or rifle, and is handy with his mace. In post raid debauchery he’s never the first (or last) to pass out. He has the faintest psychic ability, but can’t do anything spectacular with it. He takes Seanan’s silver regimen, dies his hair, but not his beard. Plays CrimeHive with Zygor though he’s not very good.

His one “claim to fame” would be that he is one of the most agile cultists in zero gravity, however fortunately for his desire of mediocrity the cult is so rarely called upon to perform in low/no gravity that his skills in that regard remain unknown.