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When we left our heroes yesterday in the midst of Operation Fallen Prophet Khadija had been KIA and Caitlin was unconscious but stable. Jake also was injured, and Dave had been injured, but had mostly patched himself up. 4 sectoid had them pinned down, and they hadn’t even broached the alien space-craft which had landed in Wyoming.

Jake moved to better cover but whiffed his shot, and sadly the aliens’ return fire took him down. Dave managed to remain calm, taking down another x-ray, and getting shot as moved up to block one that was trying to flank him. He put down the flanker with ease. This did leave him with an empty clip so he fell back and reloaded, barely dodging some more fire. He traded a few more shots with the aliens, but it was really pretty silly to think he’d be able to finish the rest off them off with only 1 hit point left.

Anjoli KIA 3/5/2015; 2 Missions; 3 Kills
Will KIA 3/12/2015; 1 Mission; 1 Kill
Naeem KIA 3/26/2015; 4 Missions; 7 Kills
Patrick KIA 3/26/2015; 4 Missions; 2 Kills
Joanna KIA 3/26/2015; 3 Missions; 5 Kills
Duncan KIA 3/26/2015; 1 Mission; 2 Kills
Highcove KIA 3/26/2015; 1 Mission; 2 Kills
James KIA 3/26/2015; 1 Mission; 1 Kill
Wendy KIA 4/13/2015; 3 Missions; 7 Kills
Laura KIA 4/13/2015; 2 Missions; 1 Kills
Gary KIA 4/13/2015; 2 Missions; 1 Kill
Alec KIA 4/13/2015; 1 Mission; 2 Kills
Dave KIA 4/14/2015; 3 Missions; 7 Kills 
Caitlin KIA 4/14/2015; 2 Missions; 3 Kills 
Jake KIA 4/14/2015; 1 Mission; 1 Kill
Khadija KIA 4/14/2015; 1 Missions; 0 Kills  

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