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Dave and Caitlin are our only experienced soldiers now, Khadija and Jake will be embarking on their first mission, Operation Fallen Prophet. A UFO has been spotted on the ground in Wyoming, USA.

The squad crept up extra slowly since this craft was entirely intact; several minutes into the op and Dave flushed two squads of sectoids. The squad move closer carefully, since they were at extreme range. Caitlin was pinned down for a second but the shots were wide. Dave had taken cover behind some rocks, and was hit by some fragments, but it was only a scratch so he didn’t even bother with his medkit.

Jake moved up and got a solid hit on one of the X-Rays, but it didn’t go down. While moving to better cover Dave took a solid hit from one of the aliens, but managed to hold it together and returned fire, taking out a pair of aliens thanks to their psychic link. Caitlin took some fire while moving up to try and finish the wounded alien off, but she also came under fire, and the pain was too much and she missed the shot.

The aliens returned fire, one missing and one Caitlin and knocking her out. Jake and Khadija both panicked, but managed to concentrate enough firepower on the alien that they were able to take it out. Dave took this brief respite to patch himself up a bit and move to a better position. Jake moved up to try and get to were he could stabilize Caitlin, and Khadija tried to get to a covering position and took some fire and a flesh wound, sadly her return fire went wide.

The aliens moved up and took Khadija out, but Jake was able to stabilize Caitlin, but in the process got glanced himself. Another trio of sectoids has shown up as well, leaving our two remaining mobile soldiers in a tight spot.

Sadly it is late, and I am not feeling so hot IRL, so I’m going to call it quits for the moment. Tune in tomorrow to find out if Dave and Jake are able to take down the alien menace and get Caitlin back to base before she bleeds out.

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