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Yet again everyone with any experience is dead. Operation Swift Stroke is an assault upon an alien abduction in progress in Alexandria, Egypt. Evan, Adam, Gray and Tim are going in. Let’s hope they can clear this shopping mall out without any casualties.

The squad moves up carefully, and a couple of Thin Men burst from cover. Gray takes the first shot and misses, but Evan also lays down some fire and manages to connect, putting one of the x-rays out of commission.

Evan moves up to get provide covering fire while Gray and Tim take shots at the remaining Thin Man to no avail. The x-ray breaks cover and heads deeper inside the building, and Evan and Adam both fail to tag it. Drawn by the sound of gunfire a pair of Sectoids emerge and start circling around to the squad’s flank.

Evan and Gray both lay down fire on the closer Sectoid, and both hit, with Gray getting the kill shot. The second Sectoid holds for a moment, enduring some fire from Evan before deciding to move closer. Adam wounds it, and while it’s return fire misses, it does destroy the cover Adam and Evan were hiding behind. Unfortunately a pair of Floaters decide to show up before the squad can finish of the sectoid.

Gray misses his shot at one of the Floaters, but Adam falls back to cover and puts the other one down. Tim takes a shot with his pistol to conserve ammo, but it’s wide.

The Thin Man returns, and wings Evan who panics, as does Gray. Gray fires wildly into the building and the sectoid manages to clip him as well. The wounds are critical, but someone should be able to stabilize him. Evan grabs some cover. Tim and Adam both keep their cool, Tim calmly finishing off the sectoid while Adam move towards Gray and takes out the remaining floater. Unfortunately the car that Gray had been using for cover exploded before Adam could get there.

The Thin Man took advantage of the confusion to move forwards and finish off Evan. Then nimbly dodging Tim’s fire it put him out of commission as well. Adam moved into better cover and reloaded, and the Thin Man ran up right in front of him. However somehow Adam managed to miss at point blank. Sadly the Thin Man did not.

Yet another Failure, and now China, Japan and India are panicked!

Anjoli KIA 3/5/2015; 2 Missions; 3 Kills
Will KIA 3/12/2015; 1 Mission; 1 Kill
Naeem KIA 3/26/2015; 4 Missions; 7 Kills
Patrick KIA 3/26/2015; 4 Missions; 2 Kills
Joanna KIA 3/26/2015; 3 Missions; 5 Kills
Duncan KIA 3/26/2015; 1 Mission; 2 Kills
Highcove KIA 3/26/2015; 1 Mission; 2 Kills
James KIA 3/26/2015; 1 Mission; 1 Kill
Wendy KIA 4/13/2015; 3 Missions; 7 Kills
Laura KIA 4/13/2015; 2 Missions; 1 Kills
Gary KIA 4/13/2015; 2 Missions; 1 Kill
Alec KIA 4/13/2015; 1 Mission; 2 Kills
Dave KIA 4/14/2015; 3 Missions; 7 Kills 
Caitlin KIA 4/14/2015; 2 Missions; 3 Kills 
Jake KIA 4/14/2015; 1 Mission; 1 Kill
Khadija KIA 4/14/2015; 1 Missions; 0 Kills
Evan KIA 4/16/25; 1 Mission; 1 Kill
Gray KIA 4/16/25; 1 Mission; 1 Kill
Adam KIA 4/16/25; 1 Mission; 2 Kills
Tim KIA 4/16/25; 1 Mission; 1 Kill

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