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Part One

So the party navigates to the end of the half-finished ancient dungeon and run into their second Djinni, but this one is much less than pleased to see them. It quickly becomes apparent that the magic spell which had entrapped him was faulty, and he’d spent the last several millennia siphoning off the magical energy of the trap to create a dungeon. In only a couple hundred more years he’d have been able to free himself. 

The party basically just gets angry back, shouts him down with something somewhere between intimidation and diplomacy and he agrees to grant them the wishes they’re due. The party wants Magic items, and so that’s what they get, but what they don’t know is that since Djinni’s power has also been corrupted in the same way the magic trap was, and so the items it created for the party also where corrupted (read cursed).

To be honest, Mordenkainen’s Big Book of Magic Things for Adventurers had just come and I was very happy that the party opted for Magic Items instead of just pure wealth or one of the other options they could have picked. Of course, it was a good 4-5 sessions before the curses even came up.

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