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Part One

So: Djinni diplomacized, Kanks Captured, the party headed to the City, did some investigation, sold (or at least appraised) various dragon bits, or turned them into magic items. The eventually sussed out the location of the Ruins and headed out to plunder them.

Woe unto the party, no simple dungeon crawl this! Arriving at the ruins they find a ancient temple to some unimaginable horror. Monstrosities from beyond time and space carved on the giant onyx blocks that make up the pyramid. The works. Except, the blasted thing is being disassembled. Just like all those pics we’ve seen of the pyramids being constructed by thousands of slave, except in reverse. Apparently the Shadow King wants this eldritch ruin for his own purposes. Regardless, slaves, guards, and other minions abound, making it nigh impossible for the party to just waltz in, kill everything and loot the artifact they’re looking for.

No real problem though. They’ve got a master of disguise (aka a doppleganger) and balls of steel. They approach a harried looking task master, announce that they are a surprise inspection from the Shadow King himself, demand that their mounts are fed and stabled and basically bluff their way in.

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