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Part One

So the party solved the second puzzle, and this time there was a dungeon rather than a Djinni just showing up. They entered the dungeon, fought a few ghosts, including Pickles, the dumbest ghost.

See, these ghosts normally where solid and looked like people. They could however, when circumstances warranted it, become insubstantial and fly. The ghosts waited to ambush the party until they were party way over some super rickety ass old rope bridges between giant rock pillars. Of course, the party was able to handle them fairly handily, even with one party member hanging on for dear life for a portion of the fight. There is only one ghost left. It’s floating out of reach of the party, insubstantial . It’s turn comes up and decides to attack the party. Now earlier in the session we’d had several instances of players forgetting bonuses or extra damage, and I’d let them do a few take backs, before getting sick of it and telling them no more RetCons.

That was of course the point where, as we say in the DMing business, I’d got my petard ready to hoist, even if I didn’t quite realize it at the time. So back to Pickles (he wasn’t named Pickles til later mind) his turn comes up, and being a vengeful ghost he decides to keep firing ranged attacks at the party from safety of being 20 feet from the edge of the pillar. Of course right after I roll, and hit, one of the players it comes to light that attacking causes the ghost to lose Insubstantial and Flight. Oops. Well, Fair is Fair, my petard goes up, and the ghost falls down. It was at this point that the ghost was named Pickles, and deemed a reoccurring character. He hasn’t shown back up … Yet.

Now as the party had been (and continued to) explore the dungeon they ran into some rather interesting peculiarities about it. Namely it was newly old. There were dead ends where it really looked like the corridor should have gone on, but the walls and floor were worn by countless ages.

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