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Part One

So the party had a couple of fights in the Arena, and then teamed up with an Assassin whom they were supposed to be fighting, made some ridiculous rolls, enlisted their opponent, an assasin named Dajani and rode an Inix literally through the arena gates and escaped. If they’d spent a bit more time and not forced the issue they could have recovered their weapons and armor, but I don’t really blame them for wanting to escape from under the boot heels of their cruel slave masters as soon as possible.

Anyways, they didn’t have a better plan and decided to follow up on the plan put forth by Carloff and head towards Nibenay. They had a couple more violent encounters with the local fauna. Then as they started to get close to Nibenay when they were assaulted by a dragon. Not that there are any dragons in Athas, this one came through aportal in the sky from Sigil, and offered the party a quick death if they handed over the port-key. Needless to say they declined it’s kind offer.

Dajani, decided to try to escape back to Sigil and teleported through the portal just before it closed. That ended up providing a small moment of levity, as of course the other end of hte portal was in the sky of Sigil, and so they heard his surprised scream dopplering away as the portal closed.

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