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Part One

So after a bit of skill-challenge and several combats the party arrived safely in Nibenay. Here they had a session that was basically “SUPER HAPPY SHOPPING TIME”. They used the loot they’d picked up fighting in the desert to purchase gear that they needed, and in seeing as how Dragons are basically unknown on Athas, I let them use the bits they’d “salvaged” from the Dragon they fought earlier to either acquire wealth, or make magic items. I do like making custom magic items, so our shield user got a spiked shield, that dealt an extra 2d7 fire damage on crits (hey, any excuse to roll my d7s, even if I’m not the one getting to do it, am I right?!) and the mage modified his cloak and it, as a daily, could negate damage from any area fire attacks that dealt half damage on a miss.

I must admit I was a bit remiss, and barely hit the party with any area fire attacks afterwards … but if they ever do go back to Athas (here’s a hint, unless they fail, they’ll have to someday) I’ll be sure to positively drench them in area fire.

Now, Nibenay is a very tyrannically controlled city, but they managed to lay low (aside from magical acquisitions) long enough to re-equip, and find out a bit more about the ruins to the north. They didn’t find much about the Amulet of Index, but they did figure out enough to know that it was some sort of magical clerical device. Queue the Excel jokes.

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