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Part One

So, whilst imprisoned, before their first fight, I dropped the first clue that there was something “bigger” going on. I mentioned it in passing in the blog when I was talking about my reasons for sending them to Gamma World.

Anyways they’re in jail, and one of the prisoners stands up suddenly and begins acting different. He launches into a speech:

“I’m Wake-pilot Carloff. Some of what I’m going to tell you won’t make sense, but I’m afraid I don’t have much time, so please just listen. The ship was hit. I was injured repairing the damage, but the memomax transfer isn’t working right so I’ve got to pull you out. Unfortunately whatever hit us also set off TRENCH’s defense alert and everything is locked down, so you’re basically going to have to get yourselves out. Follow the mountains south then west to Nibenay. The ruins in the forest north of Nibenay should have an Indexing Talismen. Take that back to Artificer of Dreams.

I doubt they’re going to give you a fair fight so take these.” He hands you a small bag. “They’ll enchant your weapons and armor for a few minutes, but don’t let anyone see you apply them. I’ve made detailed notes on hard copy in case I’m dead before you get out, so TRENCH won’t … oh frak.” He blinks and looks confused and sits back down.

The party figured out the prisoner had been possessed, but didn’t exactly know what to make of it. The bag contained some gems that would temporarily give them level appropriate bonii to their weapons so that the “stacked fights” they were going to be facing would actually be approaching fair.

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