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Part One

Well, almost everyone it turns out. The party soon ran afoul of a group of slavers. I can’t say I’m proud of this “fight”,  but mercifully it was fairly quick. The slavers were like 7 levels above, and overpowered the party pretty handily. I did tell the players early on the “bandits” were dealing subdual damage. They were then captured, stripped of their metal gear and stuck in caged wagons then hauled off to Cromlin to be put in the Arenas. They had after all done a fair number on the attackers even though they were way out classed. And by class, I mean level.

Now in Athas, metal is super rare, even coins are generally made of ceramic. So of course the slavers were beside themselves with greed at acquiring an entire suit of (either scale or plate) mail armor made of metal. That’s a small fortune in Dark Sun terms. Originally my plan had been to have 3-5 sessions with the PCs as slave fighters. This would have made sessions super simple, and I thought my players would be okay with it, since they did rather enjoy fighting… but fighting divorced from any real story (the Gladiator Boss says “Fight” isn’t a story, and you and I both know it) apparently didn’t sit well with them. So I compressed the hell out of the Skill Challenge that they needed to do to escape.

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