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Part One

So in the last fight I did a couple of things I’ve since found can be good to do… though really they were combined in this instance. One is including an alternative finish to a fight. The second is alternative ways to affect the battle … in this case the puzzle accomplished both … though of course, I didn’t leave any other options beside flight or failing. They certainly couldn’t kill all of the monsters, because they spawned indefinitely. 

Regardless, they won, got some magic items, including a magic map which was mostly just to make MY life easier. It didn’t show them everything about the world, far from it, but it did show everywhere they’d been, and other entities (like the Djinni) could update the map as well. If they’d investigated, it also would show them everywhere they’d been on a dungeon … again this was as much a conceit to keep things simple and not get bogged down in mapping. Important because while I love it, in general it’s the exception not the rule, … most folks could care less, and even if one or two of my players was excited to commit the adventurous locations to graph paper, the extra time it’d take would end up boring the rest of the party.

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