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Still haven’t quite recovered from getting up 5 hours early yesterday. Was it really only yesterday? Seems like at least 2-3 days ago. So I’ve got a full 2 day weekend (minus a half hour of covering at the game store on Friday), which just happens to fall on the projected time of arrival of my new computer… so hopefully I can spend Thursday (or worst case Fri) putting it together and playing X-Com and all that good stuff.

Of course that means I should probably be getting my D&D session for Saturday done tonight or tomorrow. Also cleaning the house some so I don’t have to sweat that for a while. 

Also snuck a peek at the new Michonne spin-off of Walking Dead, am a little disappointed by the amount of new content, but it’s not so tragic I won’t pick it up tomorrow when it officially goes on sale.

Here’s your random picture for the day:

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