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So I finally bought a new computer. Or rather, I bought the parts for a new computer. Thursday or Friday I should have all the parts, and Lego-Like assembly can begin.

I also woke up at 5am this morning to the wonderful find of digital delivery of my Monster Hearts PDF… which I read most of on the ride up to Martinsville, where we demonstrated our Technology Petting Zoo to three or four dozen Librarian type people from the area. Enroute I also received notification that Apocalypse World’s Digital Delivery had also arrived. Once Curtis and I had all of the fancy eReaders, and tablets and the Wii and cameras set up, I tried to open the AW files on one of the Android tablets. Nope. So then I tried it an iPad. Still nope. Eventually with a bit of hoop jumping I was able to download it to a PC laptop, unzip it, and re-upload the PDFs to my Google Drive. Then I tried to access it again on the iPad. Limited Success… i could as long as I wanted to stay logged in. Downloading the Google Drive app for the iPad wasn’t much of an improvement, as while there was finally an option to save for offline use, I’d still have to stay signed in as me, and since it was Curtis’s iPad I didn’t want to do that.

Long story short, once through a fair bit of finagling we got the Actual PDFs on the Actual device, it was quite nice to be able to read it on the iPad.  I finished reading Monster Hearts on the way back to the ‘burg, and am terribly looking forward to running a game of it. Of course, I think I am more looking forwards playing some more Apocalypse World, especially now that I’ve pulled the curtain back a bit and taken a peek out how the game is run (or at least, how a variant is run, as I didn’t really delve into the AW rules much.)

Anyways, I’ve been up for 17 hours now and should probably get some of that mythical seeming thing called sleep. I expect I’ll update again in a year or so. (;

I’ll leave you with a random picture:

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