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So I only had to work three hours, meaning I got to sleep in, then goof off before work. Yet when I get home I’m so exhausted and depressed that I just sleep for 2 hours. I’ve got the next two days off, I should have a fancy new computer by the end of that. Really I’ve got nothing to complain about at the moment, yet I feel like complete shit.

Okay so nothing new to complain about. Love life, still non-existent. Roommate situation, still nada. Finances are better than they could be. Things could certainly be worse. Oh well, in a few days I’ll have a new computer, and a new video game to distract me from how crappy reality is.

Here’s a picture of the final boss of FTL right before it is destroyed. This was a real pain in the ass battle, I ran out of missiles  and only had Ion Weapons, which can stun systems, but not take them out. Fortunately I had a boarding robot and plenty of drone parts… I managed to kill all the crew, and so the automated systems came on and very slowly repaired the ship, at which point I could send a boarding robot over. Eventually the ship would cloak, destroying my robot, and I’d have to send another once it uncloaked. As you can see from all of the holes, I sent nearly a dozen boarding robots over before finally destroying it.

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