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So, I’ve implemented WordPress many a time for a variety of clients of varying levels of professionalism as a CMS. I’ve even made one for chronicling and keeping track of a Dwarf Fortress game. I’ve dabbled w/ blogging in a variety of formats from LiveJournal back in the day, to Blogger, to video blogging on the Utubes. Aside from here none of them have I ever really managed to stick to, yet I wonder if this isreally the best platform. 

I do want to try and write a little bit every day to keep in the habit of writing, and I have managed to stick to that … mostly. Though I’ve certainly cheated some by queuing up a few extra posts (especially for things like my D&D recountment, and X-Com w/ friends) but that’s kind of needful because some days I just don’t have time to write at all. Fridays when I have apocalypse world I work from 10:30-5, then from 5:30 to ~6 at my second job, then it’s AW until whatever time we finish, which is usually somewhere in the area of 11pm to 1am. Afterwards I have just enough energy to clean up a little, check my email, and surf the internet for a little while before going to bed. Certainly I don’t have the wherewithal to write a coherent thing.

So I am thinking about switching to WordPress or something and doing it on my own site, rather than here. So the next question is what do I use? WordPress is easy to setup, and I know it pretty well, but maybe it would be better to play around with Moveable Type or Drupal or Joomla or some other software just to learn how to use it.

I do like learning new things, but I worry that the added difficulty of learning a new CMS might inhibit my ability to keep posting daily. Also the minimal online comparison I’ve done seems to Suggest WP is the best for the job. So do I really want to go w/ MT or Joomla or something even though it’s inferior just for the sake of learning something I might never other wise use?

Also, how hard will it be to transfer all this info over? Should I even bother? I’m certainly not finished with the history of my Increasingly Misnamed D&D campaign, but if I do switch I’m going to want to have the whole thing at least be on the same platform.

Or maybe I’ll do some sort of crazy “Choose Your Own Blogpostventure” thing and crosslink between here, my new, as yet uncreated blog, LJ, Blogger etc. Yeah, that’s probably a terrible idea.

That said, I think I would like to have a bit more focus, even if it is 7 foci.