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So, I’m going to consider running a DND session to count as Hobby Progress. This campaign is set in Eberron, the party is currently level 7 (aside from one character who has a dagger that steals some of his XP).

This session they came into an epic boss fight pretty much tapped out. Mallora was nearly reconstituted (she’s a necromancer/demilich and they arrived in the middle of a dual purpose ritual to incarnate a new body for her as well as open a portal to Dolurhh for nefarious purposes.)

Things would have been simple but the fabric of reality best Calderon is very dense, and several planes are nearly cointerminus allowing aberrant forces from Xoriat to coopt the ritual midway through. Ultimately the party was able to destroy Mallora’s new body and close the portal before too many tentacle monsters got through.