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Dael’s Adventure Part 13

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In the central hallway a giant water form emerged. Hubert explained that it was a water elemental but didn’t have any great advice on how to deal with it. So Vyrez tried stabbing it (splish) and I tried punching it (splash) to no effect. Then we noticed a small whirlpool in each of the six rooms. The first whirlpool investigated had some sort of terrifying dream nightmare beast full of blades and pain. Hubert later said dispatching them was as simple as hitting them in the “no-no” place, and that he’d dispatched one easily, but none of us saw it. Further it became apparent that some of the whirlpools contained icy monsters that were practically indestructible. Finally there was occasionally a third type of water monster, a smaller elemental I guess? This was easily dispatched and each time we did so all of the other whirlpools (and the monsters within) would dissipate and then reform. Better still, doing this seemed to hurt the big watery monster in the center of the room. I won’t bore you with the precise details, suffice to say Honch and Vyrez were both on deaths door, and if it had taken us but a minute more Vyrez would probably have bleed to death from the wounds inflicted on him by the Stabby whirlpool monsters. Fortunately I was able to move through the water fairly quickly with a slightly modification to the Sake Stumble Home technique and get to the last of the vulnerable monsters after which the water began to recede and the monsters disappeared. Then Solei, Hubert and Mortia were able to stabilize Vyrez at the very last moment.

After a brief rest we climbed the stairs and were able to make it not only to the third floor, but eventually to the roof. Honch suggested an area of the ward that had practically no lights as the likely “home” of Doldrums, and using another ladder that Hubert produced from his wonderous cloak we were easily able to travel from roof to roof and arrive at what turned out to be the Post Office. Solei let us in as it was closed for the night. After searching the building to no avail we ended up congregated in the break room trying to decide where to go next. I examined the “coffee” which was so old it had practically turned into tar, and Honch worked some sort of cooking magic on it, turning into not just palatable, but exquisite espresso with decorative foam on top. Just then the center of the break room opened up into a yawning abyss, a whirlpool of form and darkness that was hard to look upon. We fastened Solei’s grapnel hook to a wall and descended as there seemed little other option in this dream scape. It turned out to be the appropriate choice, as the whirlpool, after a brief disorienting journey deposited us in a great plaza in what may well have been the center of the Red Light District. Moments later a great stepped  Ziggurat raised out of the ground, as if multiple separate dreams where colliding. From the top burst Doldrums who proceeded to whinge that Darkness was so angry, and only she’d be able to keep her happy or something along those lines.

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