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Operation Flying Stallion

We’ve barely gotten the base set up. Engineering has put together some Medpacks for the likely eventuality that our soldiers get injured again, and are designing a shielded satellite to try and locate hostile aliens quicker. Our scientists are researching the weapon fragments recovered from the rooftop just yesterday, and already a report has come in of an alien abduction in progress in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Wendy will be leading Dave, Will and Joanna in to try and rescue any civilians and take out as many x-rays as possible.

The squad is moving slowly through the parking lot when Joanna spots not one, not two, but three pairs of the gray aliens, which the scientists have taken to calling Sectoids. Will moves up behind a red pickup-truck and takes a shot at one, but it ducks behind a cop car. Dave and Wendy move closer but can’t get clear shots, and so go into overwatch. Joanna has a clear shot, but chooses caution and dashes back into cover.


Dave's car is on fire

Dave takes a shot at a Sectoid as it breaks cover, but misses as it’s inside a building and pretty far off. Another Sectoid takes a shot at him, but fortunately the car he’s behind takes the brunt of the plasma fire, unfortunately it catches
fire, and could explode at any moment.  He moves away from the car to take cover inside the building, but the x-ray behind the cop car manages to take him down from nearly 100′ away.

Will puts down one of the Sectoids that was trying to flank them, while Wendy and Joanna concentrate fire on the closest threat inside the building; both connect but Wendy claims she got the killshot.

The aliens move up, and take a shot at Joanna, the red pickup takes all of it though, and catches on fire. However this puts our heroes in a sticky situation, as the vile alien that killed Dave has moved up and is covering the three soldiers using the truck for cover. If they break cover, they’ll be under fire. If they don’t, the truck will likely explode and kill them.

Will distracts it, successfully dodging three shot, sliding into cover and returning fire. His shots connect, but do not kill the hated enemy. Fortunately it is distracted enough for Wendy and Joanna to get to some cover that isn’t on fire. Wendy falls back a bit, and claims another killshot, avenging Dave.

Joanna takes a snapshot at one of the aliens inside the building but misses, it crashes through a plate glass window and dive behind the cop car; returning fire it misses, but does take out a door and a good ten foot section of wall just beside her. Another alien half a block away fires on Will, but he hunkers down and is completely unscathed. Wendy unloads on the Sectoid hiding behind the cop car and while several shots connect it doesn’t go down. These buggers are frighteningly resilient. Joanna regains her composure and finishes off the alien behind the cop car while it’s distracted from Wendy’s fire. Will, his cover compromised moves to cover and fires at the alien down the block. His shots go wide, but the alien does fall back a bit before returning fire and missing wildly. There’s still at least one alien inside the building, as evinced by the shots that hit the windowsill Joanna is crouched behind. She unloads the last of her clip, but the display rack of beer takes the brunt of the attack, spraying glass and warm beer around, but not hurting the alien.

Will’s clip is also empty and he falls back to reload. Wendy unloads on the alien down the block but the dark and distance conspire against her. The alien in the building moves closer and fires on Joanna again, bricks glow with the heat of the plasma, but her cover holds. Will fires on the alien down the block but misses, fortunately so does the x-ray’s return fire.

Will’s car catches fire under the stream of plasma shots from the alien down the street, and he’s forced to fall back where he can’t get a shot on either of them. Joanna and Wendy, having both reloaded try to hit the one in the building but neither connect. Wendy gets hit but just barely manages to stay standing. Joanna pops into the building and takes out the offending Sectoid from behind, while Wendy patches herself up.

Will takes a shot at the last Sectoid as it tries to slip out of the bar, and while he misses it, he does force it down an alley where Joanna has a clear shot on it. She hits it but doesn’t kill it, Wendy also takes a shot, but her wounds throw her aim off and she isn’t able to steal the kill.  Will sees his chance and rushes forwards, taking out the final alien while it dodges Wendy’s barrage.

A successful mission, though rather sad as we have already lost one of our own.



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